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superhumanoids on 01/12/2010 at 12:57PM

Creative Commons presents: Catching the Waves' mix

Catching the Waves writes:

Catching The Waves has been reviewing free netlabel and/or Creative Commons albums since 2006. That's pretty much it. The catalyst was a desire to thank CC artists for their marvellous free music and to further the cause of free and legal CC music. The reviews, which are the work of one lone idiot, are infrequent, short and badly written yet undeniably sexy. Visit CTW and you'll find reviews of anything from rock to IDM, trip-hop to minimal and even Country to Western. (I've used that joke before – I'm all for recycling.) You won't be bothered by fees, hidden or otherwise, advertising, requests to register or even recommendations for teeth-whitening regimes. However, there is a rather decent collection of links to netlabels and CC music portals.

I am deeply honoured to join in the fun at the FMA. My mix consists of some of the best tracks from some of the best albums that have been lassooed (SP) at CTW. It features lots of different genres, tempi and moods (rock, IDM, trip-hop, minimal, folk, ambient, etc.,) from as far afield as Germany, Japan, Colombia, the United States, France, Canada, Italy and the U.K. It was murderously difficult to whittle the mix down to a still unwieldy twenty tracks. It would be wonderful if people who were new to netlabels, and CC music in general, stumbled upon these songs and realised, as I did, that there's a whole world of wonderful music just waiting to be discovered – and that it's all free, legal and made by artists who want their music to be downloaded, copied and shared. Catching the waves can be fun...

My dirty secret: I've compiled this mix specifically to cause arguments in the FMA and in Creative offices around the world as they argue as to which is the best track. Let the chaos begin!

Comfort Fit – Sorry
This hip/trip-hop will increase your factor of “Cool” by infinity.

Kriss – Jazz Club
Italian minimal that feels, well, jazzy.

Monopole – Stereo-vision Radio
If you know any David Lynch film buffs, send them this amazing electronica.

Nobara Hayakawa – Trail
Ethereal vocals & Colombian/Japanese electronica – you were expecting something else?

Paper Navy – Swansong
Country & Western can be good – honest...

Professor Kliq – Bust This Bust That
Meet the love-child of James Brown and Fatboy Slim.

Robin Grey – These Days
Folk is not a four-letter word.

Sean Fournier – Falling for You (Piano Version)
Soppy, romantic, etc. - one to snuggle to.

The Lights Galaxia – While She Sleeps (Morning Edit)
Radiohead fans, this is like listening to bunnies having a pillow fight.

The Orientalist – Islamatronic Cantillation
Cavernous, Middle Eastern-tinged, grooving trip-hop....from France.

adcBicycle – Poor Economic Policies
This fantastic brass-laden, insane pseudo-Native American chanting, epic slice of rock (from a concept album) will be the most original track you'll hear today – or your money back.

Choc – Eigenvalue Subspace Decomposition
An utterly sublime blend of electronica and neo-classicism.

Entertainment for the Braindead – Run!

Featuring a winsome, winning woman on vocals, guitar and inspiration.

Erdbeerschnitzel – Walkampfchampagne

Get up onz your feet und danz till you fil better, ja?

Halogen – Length and Brecht (Synaecide Remix)
Press “play” and hear beautiful contemplative music morph into catchy, driving IDM.

Karaoke Mouse – Shanghai Reggae (DJ Side's Alternate Take)

You need a shot of stone cold hip-hop reggae, don't you?

Keinzweiter – (Mircoobee)
This is how Germans cram a jazzy loop till the minimal is maxed out.

Brad Sucks – Total Breakdown
Never has mental illness sounded so rocky and uplifting.

Josh Woodward – I Want To Destroy Something Beautiful
One of America's great undiscovered songwriters, IMHO



Catching The Waves on 01/12/10 at 08:45PM
My fervent thanks to the FMA for curating my selection. I feel duty bound to point out that my selection is, strictly speaking, a compilation cum playlist rather than a dancefloor mix. None of the tracks have been altered in any way.

And with that po-faced paragraph over and done with, please enjoy the music. :)
jason on 01/12/10 at 09:01PM
Thank you CtW, this is a really broad selection of top-notch sounds! Lots to enjoy

I played the Karaoke Mouse track on my radio show today
headphonica on 01/12/10 at 10:09PM
this is very "oh yeah"!
icastico on 01/18/10 at 05:08PM
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