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janeparkcreativecommonsorg on 04/01/2011 at 01:00PM

Creative Commons Mix for Japan Relief by Jane at CC

I searched various CC-enabled music communities for tracks created specifically for Japan relief, especially album compilations that were created in the days following the tsunami. I also included tracks that were Japan-themed, such as field recordings, that lent to nice transitions between musical tracks. I hope you enjoy this mix and visit the album and artist pages that contain links to where you can donate to the Red Cross and other charities!

For more CC related ways to help Japan, including contributing to other music albums, see CC's blog post on Japan relief efforts that use Creative Commons.


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User Comments

olliehall on 04/03/11 at 08:10PM
Hi there. Thanks for including some of my Binaural Diaries recordings in this mix.

What has happened in North-East Japan saddens me deeply, and having spent such an enchanting two weeks in the country it is just so hard to come to terms with it.

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