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cheyenne_h on 07/23/2018 at 11:08AM

Rod Hamilton and Tiffany Seal's "Enchanted Forest" Is Beautiful, Haunting, and Complex

The "Enchanted Forest" of Rod Hamilton and Tiffany Seal is a many-splendored listen. Each track has its own texture and unique flow. The opening, title track introduces the album in a calming, meditative way, but the rest of the album veers from that path often, to introduce new sonic landscapes. "Know Your Birds" helps you learn to identify birdcalls.  "Tryptic Dance" trots along with arpeggiating synths, drum machines, and live-looped marimba to encourage trancelike listening, and then hits you with a synth solo that is as unexpected as it is appropriate, it flits around the track with the random calculations of a moth circling a flame. "Orange Sunshine" brings the album full circle, ending in a place that is similar to where it began. 

This Baltimore duo is making something in the tradition of many other new age artists working around the world, bringing this gentle, progressive music form back into the limelight. If you enjoy music that is progressive, layered electronic, or vaguely educational, you may want to give this one a listen. 



Cellophane_Sam on 07/24/18 at 05:50PM
I loved this album. Especially "Know Your Birds".
nomer1234 on 10/06/18 at 03:59AM
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caroll on 01/16/19 at 01:59PM
"Orange sunshine" has it own atmosphere.
jameswestone on 04/16/19 at 04:56PM
Really cool album!
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