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ange on 02/04/2013 at 11:00AM

Dreaming Up Songs: 52 Weeks of Sick to the Back Teeth

For every week of 2012, Sick to the Back Teeth wrote a new song. The phrase "sick to the back teeth" literally means to be fed up with something, but that never happened to the solo-artist behind the project.

This might have to do with SBT's flexibly in sound and style. After 10 years performing, he still makes "just whatever music I feel like" including rock, metal, noise, folk, electronic music, sometimes all of these things combined. As a result, listening to the lengthy 52-track album Counterpoint is kind of like visiting a soda fountain. Sometimes you get distinct flavors like a Cherry Coke, Dr. Pepper, or Sprite, and sometimes you get a shot of all of them in the same cup. You'd think combining sodas would get gross, but it usually tastes pretty good.

A couple of the songs on the album, including "Dream Song" and "A Hole in the Ocean," came straight from dreams, where SBT imagined himself recording before frantically waking up and transcribing the sounds. Many of the songs are mellow transportive instrumentals, like the week 33 song "Venerate" (video).

When listening to this project, you have to wonder if a weekly songwriting campaign can really sharpen your teeth, so to speak, as a musician. SBT says, "Nah." When asked what's next, he says, "Martini?"



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