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ange on 06/27/2013 at 02:45AM

Bottlesmoker: Electronic Music Made with Custom Toy Instruments in Bandung, Indonesia

Bottlesmoker is Anggung Kuy Kay and Ryan Nobie Adzanian, an electronic pop duo from Bandung, Indonesia. When their local record labels didn't know how to charecterize their sound, they turned to the web and Creative Commons to share their music under the belief that "if there are 10 people who hate your music, there will be 100 people or more out there who love your music elsewhere." They were right.

Their unique indietronic instrumental sound is created with self-made instruments and circut bending. Their favorite sounds come from toy musical instruments such as glockenspiel, hand bell, melodica, and pretty much any toy that reminds you of toy phones, radio or Nintendo DS. Inspired by musicians such as Lullatone, Dan Deacon, and Tidy Kid, they describe their music as "a happy place where you do your daily activities" such as sleeping, riding, reading and making art.

Their music first came to us as part of an incredible Indonesian CC Music Compilation brought to us by our curator XEROXED. You can download their full album Hypnagogic here on the Free Music Archive, and check out their website and Soundcloud page for more catchy tunes you'll want to take with you everywhere.



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