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bseretan on 01/10/2013 at 08:15AM

Porn Music for the Masses

Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka

Comfort Stand Recordings was a real pioneer in the whole "legally giving away music for free" thing on the Internet. They were an active netlabel from 2003 - 2006 - Radiohead's In Rainbows came out in 2007. Though they're no longer offering new releases, they've maintained their website and their archives. Lots of releases to choose from, plus their "About" page is an interesting sort-of time capsule from the last decade. Comfort Stand Recordings contributes to the FMA - you can find their curator page here.

One of their more popular releases is Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka: Porn Music for the Masses. It's just what it sounds like - cheesy, soft-focus, poolboy seducing, disco-inflected, recreational drug use cuts with a wide range of styles and contributors, including a guest appearance by R. Stevie Moore.

Get out the satin sheets and the tripod and check out the highlighted tracks below. And download all of Wakka Chikka Wakka Chikka Vol 1 here. Then check out Vol 2 here.

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jason on 01/09/2013 at 11:00AM

Best of 2012: Recent Music Heroes' Picks

Recent Music Heroes ( is a free music review site from Estonia run by Kert Semm, a journalist and musician (Autharktos). He says, "My blog's purpose is to spread the word about those artists who have no possibility to find their way to well-known sites and webzines."

Recent Music Heroes' Favorite Free CC Albums of 2012:

Bisamråtta - Bisamråtta (Vulpiano)

Последние Каникулы - Ромашка (self-released)

Radio Royal - RRDL01 (Clinical Archives)
download from the FMA

Algesis - Mosaic Relics (Subwise)

Pollux - My Beautiful Melancholia (Sirona-Records)
download from the FMA

C.Scott - Stage Theory (Beats vol. 3) (self-released)

Saito Koji - Again (Resting Bell)

Aboombong - Anaphora

Plusplus - Game Over (La bèl)

2 additional favorite not-free cc albums:
Lauki - 69º54´S-135º12´E (Audio Gourmet)

Joxfield ProjeX - Insult on the Dance Floor (Tin Can Music)


Recent Music Heroes' Favorite Free CC Tracks of 2012:

Favourite tracks
CocolixeGiving Myself To You
Algesis - Fugue State
Leonardo Rosado - Variation In White #3
C. ScottEnjoyable To Know
PlusplusSong For Sonny
Joxfield ProjeX – Stir Fry Fish


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pluspunkt on 01/04/2013 at 07:00AM

Best of 2012: Nice Cover, Great Music

My name is Moritz Grünke. I am an artist based in Berlin, working with riso printing and design. I am very into artzines, which is why I write a blog about self-publishing artists, and I am one half of the small press called Gloria Glitzer (with Franiska Brandt). I also support the Free Music Archive as a community curator.

Nice Cover is my collection of great sounds and beautiful cover artworks that I really enjoy. It's a blog dedicated to free music, mostly under Creative Commons, and I also encourage supporting the artists via flattr, donations, purchases and other means.


Favorite Creative Commons Albums of 2012:

Goto80 and the Uwe Schenk Band - The Ferret Show (Up it Up Records)

abc100 - exit site (Headphonica)

Machine Death - Machine Death (Wood and Wire)
download from the FMA

Plastic Jazz Orchestra - 39° (Headphonica / 2419)

SunWalker - Yoncalla (dontrustheruin)
Lucky Dragons - Existers (Swill Children)


Favorite Creative Commons Tracks of 2012:

Nainen farina by Violeta Päivänkakkara — »Kuu« (La Gramola)
Time Bending by Phonotrash — »Elsewhere« (Headphonica)
Big Up by Grace et Volupte — »Van Van« (Dogmazic)
Slow Burning Bliss by Dead Times – »S/T« (Bad Panda)
Old Time Primitives by Big Blood — »Old Time Primitives« (Dontrustheruin)
Steps, Stairs, Mountains & Valleys by The Plastic Jazz Orchestra — »39°« (Headphonica / 2419)
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NetMusic_Life on 12/28/2012 at 10:00AM

Best of 2012: Drizzi (NetMusic Life)

Hello, I’m Drizzi from North-West Italy. I started NetMusic Life in June 2010 to feed my growing passion for the netlabels movement and Creative Commons Music. Every day, I keep up to date about new CCMusic and netlabel releases. There's so much music out there, I select music that reflects my personal taste, the originality of work, the inspiration and sentiment that I feel into the music that I listen.  This is my contribution to the artists and netlabels that every day offer your art and commitment to the world. 

Favorite Free CC Albums of 2012:

Cherly KaCherly - Misadventure of a Meaty Machine (Birdsong)

Indian Wells - Night Drops (Bad Panda Records)

mmpsuf - Retina (Sutemos)
download from the FMA

Plusplus - Game Over (La bèl netlabel)

Talk Less, Say More - England Without Rain (Records On Ribs)

The Aaron Boudreaux Special - Summer Between Somewheres

The Plastic Jazz Orchestra - 39° (Headphonica)

Various Artists - "Hope 3.0" (Element Perspective)

Favorite free cc tracks:

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gramolanetlabel on 12/27/2012 at 08:30AM

Best of 2012: La Gramola's Top Tracks & Albums

Hi people! 

We are La Gramola, from Barcelona. Our blog promotes free music since 2009. One year ago we decided to create our own netlabel, La Gramola Netlabel.

These are five albums and five tracks that we recommend in 2012.


Plaistow - Lacrimosa (Insubordinations)

Wings Of An Angel - In My Darkest Dreams (ParaLucid)

Hielo En Varsovia - Hielo En Varsovia (La Gramola)
download from the FMA

Big Blood - Old Time Primitives (dontrustheruin)

Strange Forces - Strange Forces (New Weird Australia)
 La Gramola's 5 Favorite CC Tracks


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jason on 12/24/2012 at 12:30PM

Best of 2012: Mo's Faves From Phlow's #366DaysOfMusic

One of my favorite holiday traditions in recent years has been the audio advent calendar organized by Phlow Magazine. Founded in 2000, Phlow is one of the web's premier netaudio resources with German, Spanish, and English editions.

2012 was likes xmas all year round for Phlow thanks to the #366DaysofMusic podcast, which brought gift upon gift of top-notch Creative Commons mp3s on a daily basis.

Phlow's founder Mo. Sauer presents his favorite tracks from the Phlow 366DaysofMusic: /

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macedonia on 12/23/2012 at 08:59AM

Radio BSOTS Ten for 12 Mixtape

While this represents a drop in the bucket of the endless abyss of tunes from the Free Music Archive, these ten tracks represent the artists, songs, and labels that I kept coming back to this year. Big shouts to Bad Panda Records for becoming my new favorite netlabel; they were responsible for a number of heavy rotation tracks for me on the FMA. Respect is also due to blocSonic for another great year (that DJ Harrison album is a MONSTER).

At the request of the site's editors, you can find a little more information about me below.  Hope that you enjoy the mix and I'm looking forward to what 2013 has to bring in the world of Creative Commons and the FMA. Happy Holidays, everybody...

Loving husband and doting father.  World Music Community Blogger for the 52nd Annual GRAMMY Awards.  Contributing writer to and Impose Magazine.  Host and producer of Radio BSOTS (Both Sides Of The Surface), a music podcast celebrating seven years of representing for independent hip-hop, soul, funk, and electronic music.

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jason on 12/23/2012 at 12:30AM

Good #CCmusic to Wish Jesus a Happy Birthday: @adiffuser's 'En attendant Noël'

Many of the songs we use to celebrate Jesus' birthday have been scooped up by copyright amassers (kinda like what happened to "Happy Birthday To You," hey). Fortunately, the holidaze are an endless well of creativity, and we have been blessed with some wonderful public domain and Creative Commons music. The holiday music featured on FMA encompasses everything from The 8Bits of Christmas to Antique Cylinders.

One recent addition is En attendant Noël..., a compilation from The French netaudio resource (profiled here) has been adding a daily winter holiday song to their compilation and now that the 25th is here we are pleased to share this gift with you! Some are old favorites 'round these parts, many are new favorites, and if they find their way into your holiday plans, you'll find links + licenses below.

>> 20 Free Holiday Albums
>> Voices of Christmas Past
>> More Free & Legal Holiday Music


CloudMagic - The First Noel (CC-BY

Wiredrawn - Christmas Wish No. 3571 (CC-BY)

Pitch Feather - Jolly Old St. Nicholas (CC-BY-NC-ND)  

Laura Vane & the Vipertones - Christmas Day With Me (CC-BY-NC

Rene Wilson - Santa Clause Forgot Me (CC-BY-NC

Julianne Marx and Craig Olson - To Drive the Cold Winter Away (CC-BY-NC-ND

Mark Smeby - Jingle Bell Swing (CC-BY-ND

Allison Crowe - What Child Is This (Greensleeves) (CC-BY-NC-SA

Roslyn - O Holy Night (CC-BY-NC-ND

Flora - Il Neige (CC-BY-NC

The Kyoto Connection  - ChristmasInJapan (CC-BY-NC-SA)

Audiotransparent - December Radio (CC-BY-NC

Rue Royale - Snow on Snow (The Bleak Midwinter) (CC-BY-NC-ND

Blear Moon - Flekkefjord (CC-BY-NC-SA)

Songs for Sunday Parlours - Winter Stories (CC-BY-NC-ND)

Maya Solovey - We Three Kings (CC-BY-NC-SA)

Little Room Recordings - How Far Is It To Bethlehem (CC-BY-NC-ND

Aaron DeVries - Bring a Torch, Jeanette, Isabella (CC-BY-NC-SA

Ann Alee - Infant Holy, Infant Lowly (CC-BY-NC-ND)

Veritas Music - Gloria (CC-BY-SA)

Clive - O Come, O Come, Emmanuel (CC-BY-SA

Thicker Than Water - Joy to the World (CC-BY-SA)

The Juliettes - Deck the Halls (CC-BY-NC-ND)

The Gasoline Brothers - Hungover Boxing Day (CC-BY-NC)

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holiday music, winter
jason on 12/22/2012 at 01:40PM

Best of 2012:'s Top Tracks & Albums is a French review site for free music inspired by the free software movement. It's the project of Antoine, who discovered free software while working at his local library, the public library of Pacé. He soon joined forces with Vincent from the public library of Argentan to found, an initiative to bring openly-licensed music to public libraries (which we'll be hearing more about in 2013).

For now, please enjoy's favorite free music from 2012, with a note from Antoine below.

"If you already know my blog, you probably noticed I don't often review netlabel releases (though it's always a pleasure to select my favorite ones each month on my podcast). Indeed, I choose to shine the light on artists who don't have the exposure provided by netlabels. There was one outstanding exception this year for two releases coming from the young but incredible danish netlabel Father Figure Records. Both albums were so amazing that I could not avoid to review them... and they are finaly on my best 2012 albums shortlist. You will actually find below two lists. One presenting my seven favorite freely downloadable albums, which are already on the FMA, and the second one with my 7 favorite albums currently only available for paid download. Hope you will like both!"'s Seven Favorite Free CC Albums of 2012:

Hudson - Crimson

Machine, Dear - Killing Something That's Already Dead

Silence is Sexy - Modern Antiques
download from the FMA

Laura Jorgenson - Home

Cambriana - House of Tolerance

Güacho - Vol. I
Raw Music Intl

The Aaron Boudreaux Special - Summer Between Somewheres

7 favorite not-free cc albums:
Samuel Lockridge - When I Rise
Urbantramper - Internet Freedom Is Love
TM Hunter - La Porte s/t (Father Figure Records)
Mermonte - Mermonte (Father Figure Records)
Jodi Shaw - In Waterland
Run Dan Run - Normal
Town Hall - Roots & Bells's 10 favorite free cc tracks:

Laura Jorgensen, "Find a Home"
TM Hunter, "Mon Chat Est Mort"
aaahhhrchestra, "Get Out (Brynn & Entertainment For the Braindead)
Mermonte, "Monte"
Hudson, "Meeteing Place"
Machine, Dear, "Averages"
Bärlin, "Pristina"
Silence is Sexy, "David and Bathsheba"
Mystery Pills, "The Glass Traditions"
Güacho, "Amanecer en la Frontera"'s 5 favorite not-free cc tracks:
Samuel Lockridge, "Heart of Silk"
Jodi Shaw, "In Waterland"
Town Hall, "Swim Team"
Urbantramper, "Kate Bush Save My Life"
Run Dan Run, "Lovesick Animal"

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jason on 09/10/2012 at 12:00PM

Cinematic Fingerstyle Arrangements by PlusPlus

Fingerstyle guitar is at the root of PlusPlus, but each composition branches out into distinct, lush, cinematic arranagements. London's Adam Radmall, the Plantman guitarist and former Beatglider keyboardist, has released two solo albums as PlusPlus via Italy's La bél Netlabel.

"Windings," with its ominous underlying drone and haunting sense of space and stillness, is characteristic of the 2011 PlusPlus release Evils. "North Bank Upper," the album's eleventh track, feels like a triumphant moment after a storm with piano, chorus, and restrained power chords floating through the ambience.

From the new PlusPlus release Game Over, "Kerouak" brings in subtle horns and shaker, and a buzzing guitar string that brings to mind fellow UK fingerstyle player James Blackshaw. The following track "Broken Doors" brings in warbling organ and psychedelic solos over a hypnotic kraut-inspired groove.

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