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jessevdoom on 10/27/2009 at 11:30AM

Our 'Thank You' Mix

This month CASH has been conducting its first public fundraiser. We're raffling off rare, signed, and one-of-a-kind things from artists like  Kristin Hersh, Deerhoof, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Andrew Bird, Mission of Burma, Xiu Xiu, Family Of The Year, Meanest Man Contest, and many others.

A few weeks ago we added a 'Thank You' mix to our site — free to stream and downloadable with a donation of any amount or any kind of participation in the fundraiser. Not all of the tracks were able to be licensed under a Creative Commons license so we didn't initially upload the entire mix to the Free Music Archive. Rather than add half a mix, we cleared a few tracks and added some new ones, resulting in a great (and fully CC-licensed) mix for the FMA.

New to the FMA 'Thank You' mix are 'Swear To God' by New York's Emilyn Brodsky, 'Losing My Mind' by Rhode Island's Hope Anchor, and 'Let's Go Down' by Family Of The Year; replacing their rad Kid Rock Cover that's still up over at

So check out the FMA/CC version of our 'Thank You' mix here:

And our fundraiser runs through November 1, so please give it a visit. The raffle has some really unique things, and the playlist features additional music from Portugal The Man, Earl Greyhound, Faces On Film, and a new track from Former Ghosts.

Thank You!



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