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jessevdoom on 04/02/2009 at 08:51PM

Congratulations to the FMA

As of this writing the Free Music Archive is set to go live in a handful of hours. At CASH we're busy as ever and in the middle of a particularly vital push right now, but I'm taking the time to make sure we've tweaked the little details of our profile, uploaded and properly categorized music, dotted 't's and crossed 'i's. Why? It's simple:

The Free Music Archive is important.

Just in case that seems somehow obvious or overwhelming let me repeat myself with a little more emphasis.

The Free Music Archive is important!

Jason Sigal, WFMU, and the team behind this effort have been working like mad to accomplish this, and it's no small feat. The development of this site and the principles on which it stands are important now more than ever. The FMA represents an archive of music that is culturally significant and open to the public.

The FMA, backed by one of the finest radio stations in the world, will not only ensure that this music doesn't fade away, but that it remains visible, accessible, and available for discovery and sharing.

I could go on. And will again. But for now I simply want to say congratulations — and impress upon anyone who reads this just how vital this project is.

Congratulations, and thank you to all who've had a hand in building this.



jason on 04/03/09 at 12:59AM
wow, thanks Jesse! We are so inspired by all you're doing for the COALITION OF ARTISTS AND STAKEHOLDERS, the future is bright!
forevernewwoman on 09/24/09 at 06:48AM
yeah i agree. thanks jesse!
forevernewwoman on 09/24/09 at 06:50AM
yes i agree, thanks jesse!
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