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dvd on 05/31/2012 at 04:00PM

Best of Breitband Vol. 4

Adapted from image by Will Survive

It has been a while since we heard from our friends over at Breitband, but thankfully they're back at it with this fourth volume of Creative Commons music. These are hand-picked netaudio gems that have been featured over the past couple of months on the Beitband music network and radio show. If you need a refresher, Breitband is a weekly radio show about media and digital culture produced by German public broadcaster Deutschlandradio Kultur

If you enjoy this compilation, be sure to check out Vol. 1, Vol. 2, and Vol. 3.




User Comments

macedonia on 05/31/12 at 08:46PM
Already digging into this one. Was familiar with T-Bird and the album that the featured track comes from, quite good. The opener from Beat Culture is absolutely gorgeous. Also digging the Fulgeance/Grillo collaboration. Real good stuff.
NetMusic Life on 06/03/12 at 11:27AM
The quality of some tracks is really excellent.
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