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BTurner on 11/21/2010 at 01:00PM

The Scientists live at ATP-2010

The_scientists This past September WFMU traipsed up to Kutshers Resort in Monticello, New York for a third yearly broadcast of the grand All Tomorrow's Parties, and we were especially excited to be plugging in the recorders Friday night as we'd landed permission from Kim Salmon to broadcast and archive the legendary Scientists! Starting off as a Perth-based punk band of the 70s, a move to Sydney in the 80's (and eventually London) found the Scientists morphing into one of the best Australian bands of all time. Like kindred spirits the Gun Club, and fellow countrymen the Birthday Party, Salmon and company defined blooze-ooze and gutter dwelling while equally purveying a lofty sense of style and poetry; their timeless nature easily defined by putting on a platter like Blood Red River (played in its entirety this night), or seeing their image floating around the DNA of later bands like Mudhoney, Chrome Cranks, Blues Explosion and many more. At ATP, we heard rumors of minimal (or no) rehearsal, but from the first scrape of "Set It On Fire" the timespan seemed nonexistent and Salmon's yowl no less bone-rattling. Take a dig via the Free Music Archive, where you can check out more archived sets from WFMU's 2008, 2009 and 2010 broadcasts. You can also check the WFMU site and stream of some of the non-downloadable sets we aired from this year here, including Hallogallo, Sonic Youth, Mudhoney and White Hills.



John Badger on 11/22/10 at 03:40PM
Great set. Absolutely great.
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