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BTurner on 09/29/2009 at 07:45AM

ATP-NY 2009: The Melvins (2 mp3's)

L_aeda5b4d9c134995958c975a95dddc1aMore sonic souvenirs from the Sept 11-13 All Tomorrows Parties from Kutshers resort in the Catskills, broadcast over WFMU. The Melvins. A lone blog post can't sum up all there is to say about these guys, except theirs is a world so universal that only these musicians could be the common thread between Lustmord and Gene Simmons (both of whom have made music with them). Simply calling the Melvins the godfathers of Northwest grunge shorts them on many accounts; their beauty, brutality, and enormous palette for experimentation and forward-thinking has never stalled out. It's no wonder they were a handful for Atlantic Records in the mid 90's, but thankfully their post-majors career sees the Melvins invigorated and making some of their awesomest sounds on stage and in studio. Their latest release "Chicken Switch" (Ipecac) finds them remixed by the likes of Merzbow, Eye, Sunroof, Christoph Heeman, Matmos and more.

Their Saturday, September 12th set at stage 2 of ATP was the first chance I've had to check out the post-2006 lineup of the band, with 80's mainstays King Buzzo (guitar/vox) and Dale Crover (drums) actually merging their band with Big Business (Coady Willis on second drums, Jared Willis on bass). To say they slayed would be an understatement, and in all truth this is the only band that could have one of its members perform in a Snuggy and not lose one fraction of heaviness. We've got two approved MP3s from the set: "Zodiac" and "Kicking Machine" (after the jump) engineered during WFMU broadcast by Scott Konzelmann.

To try to emphasize the "you simply hadda be there", factor, am also tacking on a 2007 Norwegian fest clip William Berger sent me to give you idea of the synergy of this killer lineup (note the somewhat fused/shared drumkits at times).

Stay tuned for more MP3s from WFMU's recordings and broadcast from All Tomorrow's Parties '09.



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