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jason on 09/28/2009 at 06:59AM

ATP-NY 2009: Caribou Vibration Ensemble w/ Marshall Allen

Caribou Vibration Ensemble w/ Fourtet, Marshall Allen +many more special guests, live at ATP-NY 2009. Photo Creative Commons by-nc-sa Michaelz1 (via flickr)

Earlier this month, WFMU brought an all-star crew up to Kutsher's Country Club for the second annual NY installment of the All Tomorrow's Parties festival. For everyone who missed the live broadcast, we'll be archiving many of them for on-demand listening on WFMU's blog and Free Music Archive, starting this week. We've lined up a post a day from the likes of Deerhoof, Deerhunter, Atlas Sound, The Melvins, Grouper, Akron/Family, Black Dice, the Dirty Three (w/ Nick Cave!), and more surprises await. You can follow us on Twitter, or subscribe to RSS feeds for Recent Adds and Features to keep up!

Let's start things off with the 16-person Caribou Vibration Ensemble, which featured Marshall Allen of the Sun Ra Arkestra for this special festival performance. The heart of Caribou is Dan Snaith, a Canadian mathematician, who started his musical project back in 2000 under the name Manitoba. Following the success of the 2003 album Up In Flames, "Handsome Dick" Manitoba of the Dictators claimed ownership over the name Manitoba and threatened legal action. Snaith decided to change his name to Caribou "while on an LSD trip with friends in the Canadian wilderness" (source). Caribou sounds a lot like an LSD trip in the Canadian wilderness, led by a mathematician with a PhD and a penchant for laptop IDM. Snaith has taken an increasingly organic approach to live performance leading up to the formation of the Vibration Ensemble.

Taking the stage at the Stardust Ballroom on Sunday September 13th, the Vibration Ensemble included every musician who has ever been a part of a Caribou live performance -- from frequent collaborators like John Schmersal (Enon, Brainiac) and Kieren Hebden (Four Tet), to the one-off special appearance of the legendary Marshall Allen (current leader of the Sun Ra Arkestra). All-in-all, the ensemble includes four drummers, a 5-piece horn section, and a choir to bring every thunder and peak of Carbou's music to vibrant life. Engineer Rob Christiansen did a fantastic job mixing this set, we hope you'll enjoy these four selections (after the jump):

"Skunks" is off 2003's Up In Flames, reissued in 2006 to reflect the name change. Original recordings of "Brahminy Kite," "A Final Warning," and "Barnowl" can be found on 2005's The Milk of Human Kindness. Multitracks from this session are on their way to Mr. Snaith's residence, and there is talk of an official release -- stay tuned to for news & updates!



matthewmcvickar on 09/28/09 at 01:54PM
Will the entire set be available for download at some point, or just these selections?
jason on 09/28/09 at 02:02PM
just these selections for now -- they were the best picks from the live mix (can you imagine mixing a 16-piece ensemble live? In the Stardust room?? Go engineer Rob C!)

but Dan Snaith is hoping to remix the entire set and we'll see what he wants to do with it!
kelprecords on 09/29/09 at 04:39PM
was just now listening to "milk of human kindness" when i heard about this. thanks a bunch for posting...sounds pretty great despite the miasma of tracks.
tasca on 11/04/09 at 12:28AM
could you tell me the name of their first song?
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