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AS220 on 01/08/2014 at 04:45AM

Malportado Kids - Mi Concha (EP)

On a day that will forever be known in infamy as “Malportaday,” the bi-lingual duo of Victoria Ruiz and Joey Defrancesco, otherwise known as Malportado Kids are releasing their first mixtape today. Their stripped down, baille and dancehall infused brand of electronic politico-punk is even more resuscitative than shoving your face in a tub of coffee grinds and starting a riot. When’s the last time you felt empowered by a full arsenal of samples? Bite into this lil’ sample of the EP with these hefty cuts, “Soy La Pocha” and “Fuego.” Prepare to feel despot dispatching power surges. If you are so inspired—go see them on tour this month and learn that the revolution will be caked in glitter.

The rest of this killer EP can be downloaded at their bandcamp.



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