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AS220 on 07/26/2013 at 04:13AM

Feels: Forget It

FEELS hails from capital weird (aka Providence, Rhode Island, home of AS220) and is comprised of Anthony Ferreira and Ted James (Paper Eagles). Ted was also recently remixed Daddy's "Love In The Old Days" which was subsequently used for a video directed by James Franco and featured experimental film icon Kenneth Anger. Anthony has been involved in AS220 since 2008, and is also associated with A Trillion Barnacle Lapse, Honeyhander, and Spanish Dancer. 
Their track "Forget It" was recorded in an old bank vault on the ocean. Musically residing somewhere in the world of a dense, slowed down dark wash of dream pop and an avant R&B shuffle FEELS cites influences from Shai to Peter Gabriel and beyond.
Summer '13 finds the FEELS duo relocating to LA. Heading out west – chasing the American dream, panning for gold – all while representing Providence.


betteroffted on 07/27/13 at 02:29AM
The correct link for that James Franco directed video of mine is:
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