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AS220 on 01/21/2014 at 03:00AM

Atlantic Thrills - Acid Rain

At this year’s AS220 Foo Fest, Atlantic Thrills brought out a giant piñata of a donkey that was filled with flour and trash. It was torn apart in a matter of seconds and everyone coughed as though the thing were filled with mustard gas. To make up for the mess they offered me moonshine. It was apt. Now, a few months later, the Thrills have an even better offering off their self-titled full length coming out soon on Almost Ready records. They are then going on a fat lil’ tour to follow the release.

Here is the track “Acid Rain” off the release that burns so good. This track sounds like you fell asleep on a mescaline trip and daydreamed that you were inside of an analog tape loop of a dank riff—you are now magnetic but have no mass. Where did my body disappear to? I feel guilty listening to this cut. Did I do something wrong? Because I feel real dirty. The type of dirty that you feel when you spill liquor all over your undershirt in bed. The track does not stink... but it makes YOU stink. I think it does something to the pituitary gland. This thing’s one wet mother. Like swamp wet... not like an ocean. Yeah there’s reverb... but it’s more like your skull is the plate that’s causing the reverberations. Some bad, bad, bayou wizard must have conjured this music. Have a listen, but please don’t drive while you have this song on the stereo. That’d be too dangerous.



khansaleem on 01/23/14 at 10:07PM
This article is well thought out and full of good information. Many Thanks for taking time to bring this together into one article.

Fragmentos de Memorias on 02/21/14 at 04:30PM
elcabron on 12/21/14 at 03:25AM
blonde on blonde super highway wonderfunkness, this is crowded stretch of passing lanes and accidents but this rocks hard and a vintage psychedelic garage~rock bridge and vocals too that instantly raise your serotonin addiction if my cat had a say he'd give it 3 paws listened to this many times in a row could not talk too man this is good pgr
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