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AS220 on 01/31/2014 at 03:45PM

AS220's Winter Sampler

Album artwork by Andrea Santos

The year ending can be melancholic—the passing of time, the memories, the promise of the future, bleak weather. It’s not quahogging season any more kiddos, you better have a space heater in your houseboat. If you are fretting, AS220 is here to help with this Winter Sampler of some of the warmest acts to have played within our hallowed walls. It’s suggested that you listen to this Winter Sampler under a comforter that you have fashioned into a childlike fort while drinking hot cocoa with a peppermint stick stirrer. If these items aren’t available to you just close your eyes, listen to the sonic wonder, and let your imagination run buckwild and free. This is the final sampler of 2013, so now you can download the complete set of them and feel one with the Rhode Island music scene.


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AS220 on 01/21/2014 at 03:00AM

Atlantic Thrills - Acid Rain

At this year’s AS220 Foo Fest, Atlantic Thrills brought out a giant piñata of a donkey that was filled with flour and trash. It was torn apart in a matter of seconds and everyone coughed as though the thing were filled with mustard gas. To make up for the mess they offered me moonshine. It was apt. Now, a few months later, the Thrills have an even better offering off their self-titled full length coming out soon on Almost Ready records. They are then going on a fat lil’ tour to follow the release.

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AS220 on 01/08/2014 at 04:45AM

Malportado Kids - Mi Concha (EP)

On a day that will forever be known in infamy as “Malportaday,” the bi-lingual duo of Victoria Ruiz and Joey Defrancesco, otherwise known as Malportado Kids are releasing their first mixtape today. Their stripped down, baille and dancehall infused brand of electronic politico-punk is even more resuscitative than shoving your face in a tub of coffee grinds and starting a riot. When’s the last time you felt empowered by a full arsenal of samples? Bite into this lil’ sample of the EP with these hefty cuts, “Soy La Pocha” and “Fuego.” Prepare to feel despot dispatching power surges. If you are so inspired—go see them on tour this month and learn that the revolution will be caked in glitter.

The rest of this killer EP can be downloaded at their bandcamp.

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AS220 on 10/30/2013 at 09:30PM

AS220's Fall Sampler

Fall Album Artwork by Francesca Caruso

It's getting cold, things are dying, leaves are alluringly pretty, people shiver on the beach-- their sweaters thick and wooly. No one is getting tan. It's autumn in Rhode Island and it's profound and frightening. However, the scariest thing of all is the sickening amount of talent on the AS220 Fall Sampler. It's just stupidly grotesque. In the karmic schema of the world it is definitely not fair that the smallest state is endowed with the crushing force of artistry found in all these musical acts. So, grab a pumpkin spice latte, an apple dripping in caramel and your favorite pair of speakers and blast these tunes from a handful of bands in the ocean state. It arrives just in time for Halloween. Listen here!

Symmetry - "The Low" (03:10)
Symmetry - "The Low" (03:10)
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AS220 on 08/31/2013 at 01:00AM

AS220's Summer Sampler 2013

Album Artwork by Jason Curzake

Dive in the Narragansett, drinking a Narragansett, listening to this comp on waterproof headphones. 

The community arts center AS220 in downtown Providence has curated another great seasonal mix showcasing local musicians who have performed at their space. Settle into your favorite pair of yellow rubber pants and get chummy with this great seasonal sampler, reeling in great tracks from Rhode Island bands The Low AnthemHarry and the PottersLolita BlackTrip Dicks, and Humanbeast.

Download all 20 great free and legal songs here, and don't forget to grab a ticket for their annual Foo Fest summer concert, featuring FMA favorites Black Pus and ZuKrewe.

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AS220 on 08/02/2013 at 08:40PM

AS220 Summer Sampler 2013!

Point Judith Superstars by Jason Curzake

The second ever "Seasonal Sampler" is up and ready for your deep enjoyment. This edition: SUMMER. Dive in the Narragansett, drinking a Narragansett, listening to this comp. on waterproof headphones. It features Rhode Island musicians who have performed at AS220.

The album artwork is by AS220 Resident Jason Curzake. What's more Rhode Island than fisherman? ANSWER: A fisherman on this comp.

HERE IT IS: The AS220 Free Music Archive Summer Sampler 2013

trip dicks - "Aporia" (03:01)
trip dicks - "Aporia" (03:01)
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AS220 on 07/26/2013 at 04:13AM

Feels: Forget It

FEELS hails from capital weird (aka Providence, Rhode Island, home of AS220) and is comprised of Anthony Ferreira and Ted James (Paper Eagles). Ted was also recently remixed Daddy's "Love In The Old Days" which was subsequently used for a video directed by James Franco and featured experimental film icon Kenneth Anger. Anthony has been involved in AS220 since 2008, and is also associated with A Trillion Barnacle Lapse, Honeyhander, and Spanish Dancer. 
Their track "Forget It" was recorded in an old bank vault on the ocean. Musically residing somewhere in the world of a dense, slowed down dark wash of dream pop and an avant R&B shuffle FEELS cites influences from Shai to Peter Gabriel and beyond.
Summer '13 finds the FEELS duo relocating to LA. Heading out west – chasing the American dream, panning for gold – all while representing Providence.
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ange on 05/24/2013 at 05:15PM

AS220's Spring Sampler 2013

Coffee Milk by Joe DeGeorge

Coffee milk is the official state drink of Rhode Island. If you haven't tried it, it's basically chocolate milk's more wired cousin, but just as rich, cool and sweet.

Rhode Island's AS220 will also give you creative jolt. They're a non-profit community arts center in downtown Providence. For Spring, they've compiled a seasonal sampler, showcasing musicians from who have played at their space, including the likes of JavelinFeelsWhat Cheer? BrigadeThe Kolour KultMath The BandHowse & Mincemeat or Tenspeed. Pour yourself a tall glass here.

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AS220 on 04/15/2013 at 04:08PM

AS220 Provcast episode 01 - Math the Band

Math the Band!

We sit down with Math the Band to discuss vintage and handmade electronics, injuries sustained while playing live, and life in downtown Providence. Catch them on May 24th at AS220 with What Cheer? Brigade, 2 Ton Bug and more TBA!



Intro music: "Olney at the Top" by Olneyville Sound System

Background music: "Drone Trailer" by MV + EE.

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AS220 on 04/11/2013 at 10:45AM

Throwing Muses: Live on Noise from Neville, 1985

For AS220's first contribution to the Free Music Archive, we're presenting a nascent version of legendary Rhode Islanders, Throwing Muses, recorded live on the Noise from Neville radio show on January 26, 1985. This set features Kristin Hersh and Tanya Donnelly in the lineup, before the band had recorded their debut album, with only 1984's self-released "Stand Up" EP under their belts.

The Noise from Neville show aired on WRIU 90.3 FM out of the University of Rhode Island beginning in 1982 and running, more or less, for the next 12 years. "NFN" gained notoriety, not only for the free-form programming, culled from a massive selection of tapes submitted by independent bands and artists from all over the world, but also for the weekly live sets featured on the show. Neville and his radio show also played a crucial role in the early history of AS220.

Ed Talbot, former staff member, relates:

"One evening, the host of a local college radio show, whose program had been banned as a result of some sophomoric power struggle at the radio station, wandered into AS220. As with any visitor we explained the intent and philosophy of the fledgling group. I played some recordings of my own musical invention during the conversation. He seemed genuinely enthusiastic about the space and its goals.'

"The radio show was instrumental, informing the public of our existence and intentions...'

"AS220, the Noise from Neville Show.....attracted bands both locally and far a field. Whenever we booked a band for the radio show we would try to coordinate an appearance at AS220....that same weekend. This co-operation benefited all parties concerned."

This recording actually pre-dates the opening of AS220's first physical location (above the Providence Performing Arts Center at 220 Weybosset Street), which happened in August of 1985. As far as we know, or can remember, Throwing Muses never played at AS220. However, Kristin Hersh has mulitple times. So, this may seem like an odd choice, but consider it a pre-history lesson as many of the people involved became entwined, and some would stay that way, with AS220 soon afterwards.

Many of the live sets from Noise From Neville are now in the care of AS220, and we will be presenting them to you, along with more recent live sets recorded at our own spaces!

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