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contact (at) freemusicarchive (dot) org is the place to send questions not addressed in our extensive FAQs. Or fill out the form below to leave a comment.





I’m an artist and I want to add my music to the Free Music Archive. How can I make this happen?

We are a curated site, which means that not everyone will be added to FMA as a matter of course. If you have trouble using the form above, email us directly via sendyoursongs (at) freemusicarchive (dot) org.

  1. Send us a link to the work you would like to share. We suggest that you pick out 3-5 of your best/recommended tracks; what you might like to use as a first impression of your work. Our curators will take it from there. Please do not attach mp3 files to your email.  (we accept links from YouTube, Vimeo, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Jamendo, Internet Archive, etc - not Dropbox, WeTransfer, etc for reviewing purposes. Emails with mp3s attached will be deleted.)
  2. Send us a license to consider with the tracks. If your work is under an open license such as a Creative Commons license, please let us know by including a link to the license. If it's not, let us know which you would consider.
  3. Let us know if you're already here. Tell us your FMA Username (if you've already signed up), and let us know if an FMA curator has showcased your work in the past.
  4. Review our Upload Policy and make sure your music is a good fit.
  5. Be patient! Once you send us your info, we will review your work (we get things to review everyday) and will be in touch regarding how we'd like to proceed.

We do our best to listen to all submissions.  However, as a small non-profit, we do not have the capacity to respond to all submissions, let alone to host all of the good music in the world.


I’m a copyright owner and I need to talk to someone at the FMA about a possible infringement. Who should I contact?
If you are a copyright owner or you represent one and believe that copyrighted works have been used in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, you may send a written notification, ideally over email at contact (at) freemusicarchive (dot) org. Please include a link to the material in question if possible.


I just signed up for a new account, but never received a confirmation e-mail. What now?

Sorry about this. Because "free" is in the name of our website, funny things happen with e-mails and spam filters. You can either try again, check your spam filter for our confirmation message, or send us a note and we'll activate your account for you.

I have questions about how to legally use the music I find on the Free Music Archive. Can you help?

Yes. Start by reading our frequently asked questions about legal music. We also have specific FAQs for video producers, musicians/audio producers and educators. To license tracks beyond the scope of how they’re listed on FMA, please contact the artist.

I want to sell ads on the FMA. Who do I talk to?

We are ad-free on purpose and intend to stay that way. Please take your business elsewhere.

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