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Alpha_Hydrae on 05/05/2018 at 01:09PM

A Tape Full of Mistakes, Dusty Love

Picture by The Hathaway Family Plot

Hello !

We are proud to announce you the release of Dusts, first album created by the collaboration of The Hathaway Family Plot and Monplaisir.

This album is made with collage of sounds, a lot of toys, some guitars found on the street, some cool feedback, some computers, instruments that don't existe and don't have names, in a relatively short amount of time and a distance of 3700 miles. (Thank you Internet)

It was a really great experimentation, made possible by this wonderful website : Free Music Archive.

So thanks a lot Free Music Archive.


Have a great listen,

A Tape Full of Mistakes

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DASK on 05/04/2018 at 12:54AM

A Human Condition

Liquid Decimation

Most of these tracks were made shortly after releasing 'Messages' on Syngate Records in Germany. Sometimes tracks just happen and flow even though I am only experimenting with sounds and ideas without the intention of making a complete album or any music at all. In the past I used to discard all material, some pro's may think for the better, but now I just run with ideas and see what happens and a full album might emerge. This album was inspired by a quote by Buddhist Pema Chodron who says we all are addicted to something and it is part of our human nature in that we all can be restless or discontent and many find it impossible to just sit and be calm. In the book, When Society Becomes an Addict, Anne Wilson Schaef says that life in the U.S. is so stressful that it is impossible not to become addicted to something and we live in a society that not only encourages addiction, but almost demands it. Some addictions, such as workaholism, are encouraged and applauded while others are tolerated.

Whether you are addicted to collecting music, movies, synths, guitars, beer mats, facebook, computer games, your mobile phone or to something more illicit; it is still an addiction and just maybe it is part of our human nature.

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dask music
Bozoo on 05/03/2018 at 07:59AM

[D!HR-36] Bill Vortex - Vortex Des Réformés

Bill Vortex

For its 36 release, Da Heard It Records floats into the parallel worlds of Bill Vortex.

This album is indeed all about parallels, as it multiplies references to more than thirty years of synthetic and dancing music. In this Vortex Des Réformés (“vortex of the reformed”) are fit together with precision pieces of various geometric shapes, reminiscent of the cassette’s illustration as imagined by Vomplie.

Unlike many albums, the tracks here are not thought of as part of a uniform whole, but rather as a well-constructed journey across eras and styles. Acid house, original electro, African influences, northern skweee, tortured breakbeats, and ambient interludes alternate back and forth between respite and high BPM.

As surprising as it may seem, these contrasted aural territories never give off the impression to have been put together as a compilation. On the contrary, they form together a work that takes the shape of an homage to the musicians who accompanied the sonorous everyday life of Patrice Curtillat throughout all these years.

The result is a musical portrait of which each line resonates like a thoroughly studied influence, and that condenses all of the know-how of its author onto a single magnetic tape. Curious music lovers will certainly take pleasure in unwinding it to retrace in their own way this precious history…

35x audio tape's available here :

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Simon_Mathewson_1429 on 05/02/2018 at 06:18AM


Nul Tiel Records is a new UK based netlabel currently housed on the Free Music Archive (our website is under construction). The bands and musicians we represent so far are:

Bio Unit - computer music - melodic and hypnotic electronica

Frequency Decree - digital dub with lots of echo and delay

Metre - electronic dance music, sitting somewhere between ambient house and trance

Parallel Park - spacey krautrock with pop elements

Scanglobe - an everchanging collective of musicians mixing live instrumentation and laptop sounds

Silicon Transmitter - guitar loops, drums, bass & keyboard - from ambient to noise

Thermochemistry - krautrock duo - psychedelic improvisation with live instruments and laptop

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nul tiel records
HazelMusiio on 04/30/2018 at 07:36AM

Musiio Playlist 2 #Electronic

Hello again!

Let's get weird.

This week we will be looking at another AI generated playlist built by Musiio for the FMA.

For our second playlist we wanted to do something different. Our first playlist was smack-bang in the middle of the indie-folk genre, for our second playlist we wanted to demonstrate variety by moving into the electronica space.

If you look at the categories that make up the music collection on the FMA a large portion of it is Rock, Indie and Pop. One of the next biggest categories is Electronic.

This new playlist was generated using a 'seed' track. In this case track one of the playlist called Capture Me Burning selected by myself. We drop the 'seed' track into our AI and let it choose it's 9 friends for the playlist. 

There is one of our most varied playlists, with everything from Electro-Synth across to Minimal Tech and a little bit of Industrial thrown in - but I think it all sits together nicely. 

Once again I was delighted to be introduced to artists I wasn't aware of pre-playlisting.




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chrisandrews on 04/17/2018 at 04:00PM

40 years of BLAH BLAH BLAH

Blah Blah Blah are celebrating their 40th anniversary this year.

The group (not a gripe) met at art school in Colchester in 1978 and made their first improvised recordings on cassette in July.

We have never played the same thing twice and have never really wanted to. The Blahchive is now about 40hrs long. The FMA being the perfect platform for us and all the Blahists out there. The freedom of the Blah jam comes from the instruments and technology around in the sessions and the moods given to our vocalist to invent the scénario and tales within.

Thanks for listening !

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murmurintemporel on 04/14/2018 at 05:16AM

New Release : Charles premier - Les éclats rebondissent

Thirteen sound pieces like so much poems, with noisy flights, sound drifts, a talking tree, birdsongs, some guitar notes, hail knocking at the window...
They compose this album, and, if some are unpublished, the others already released in 2013, 2014, and 2017 have been reworked without altering their spirit.

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Simon_Mathewson_1429 on 04/11/2018 at 09:42AM

Netlabel Launch

Hello. We are Nul Tiel Records and this is the launch of our new netlabel on the FMA. The music we release spans various genres but leans towards the electronic, repetitive and spacey including krautrock, dub, drone, psychedelic and ambient. Each artist, band or collaboration records their own music, so you'll find improvised live recordings, computer music, bands, guitar loops and collaborations. We have a small roster of artists but are always on the look out for like-minded musicians. Much of the music here has been used for non-commerical projects including videos, podcasts and games but commercial usage will always be considered.

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SpinningMerkaba on 04/10/2018 at 03:48PM

Surf Rock Sing Along

"Sing Along with Blue Wave Theory" is a twenty-song collection of remixes that not only bends the mind and ears with its range of genre diversity and production, but it also drops in on the waves of open sharing culture. How does this happen? It happens because collaboration breeds innovation.

In summer of 2016, this New Jersey based quartet was the featured artist for the “Ride the Wave Remix Event” within the global ccMixter music community. Talented artists from around the world created and produced dozens of outside-the-box remixes, which BWT later curated into Sing Along with Blue Wave Theory, a multi-genre release that is the group’s fourth.

We've posted a few tracks off the album here, the full album is available at Bandcamp.

Visit Blue Wave's FMA page for more details about the band.

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murmurintemporel on 04/10/2018 at 03:58AM

New Release : My Own Cubic Stone - Loops

In Loops compositions are based on repetitive structures of notes or melodic phrases played by various instruments. The result is sometimes associated with phase or tempo offsets.
This work is strongly inspired by two of my major influences, Steve Reich and Maurice Ravel, even if I am aware of being very far from their talents.

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