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theradius on 11/07/2016 at 01:12PM

Radius PATCH 15: Time

Radius PATCH is a series of curated playlists selected from the Radius episode archive. Each playlist is organized around a specific topic or theme that engages the tonal and public spaces of the electromagnetic spectrum. PATCH serves as a platform to illuminate the questions, concerns, and complexities of and within radio-based art practices.

Episode 39: Jesse Eric Schmidt

Scan, the default tool, which is available on most vehicle radios, is used in Scanning not as a temporary method of searching, but as an experience in itself. If this mode is no longer used as only a practical means for biased programming, but is acknowledged as an end in itself, then a rhythmic modular inventory is generated that presents living chunks of broadcasted zeitgeist. Scanning consists of continuous replays of Chicago FM station scans from the very immediate past.

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cheyenne_h on 10/24/2016 at 02:16PM

FMA Q&A: Birthday Songs Find New Life On YouTube

"Greg's Birthday" by Fred Karklin on flickr. CC BY-NC-SA.

AppleBerry Blues (May) is a Youtuber in Toronto who runs the Youtube channel "Birthday Songs" which has been running since July 2016 and already boasts around 100 videos. She is currently a student and spends most of her time attending classes, writing and studying. She's also on Facebook. FMA Director Cheyenne tracked her down and asked her some questions about her channel and how it's bringing fresh eyes (and ears!) to many of our Free Birthday Songs. We at FMA HQ are especially pleased that the charmingly-NSFW "Foul Mouthed Birthday Robot" got a video and does a little dance:

FMA: Why did you decide to start making birthday song videos and posting them online?

ABB: I wanted to have a Youtube channel with videos that could be watched forever and never become dated.  Since birthdays are celebrated by people everyday I thought birthdays would be a good topic.  I also wanted to have a Youtube channel with a positive focus and I generally feel that birthdays have a lot of positive energy associated with them.

FMA: What's your favorite part about making birthday song videos?

ABB: I have the freedom to be creative and do anything I want because I work alone on the channel. I enjoy that I can wake up with an idea on a Saturday morning, and have a video using that idea posted for the world to see by Saturday afternoon. One day I might be working on secret birthday codes, the next day I might do a collage, the following day I might sketch something, the next day I might collect some birthday themed pictures from flickr and assemble them.  I don’t really have a plan, I just do whatever feels inspiring that day with the channel.

FMA: Had you known about the Free Music Archive for long before you started making videos with birthday songs from our public domain collection?

ABB: I had never heard of the FMA before working on my birthday channel.  After deciding to make Birthday Song videos, I stumbled upon the FMA while searching for free birthday songs online. As of October 14, I’ve used 46 songs from the FMA. Some I've used more than once. 1 song  I've used 7 times! In total I have made 84 videos from birthday songs from the FMA. The songs I used the most are:

1. Happy Birthday To You Alternative by Armin Rüdiger Vieweg (7 times)
2. Simple New Happy Birthday Melody by Sascha Ende (5 times)
3. Swine Flu Birthday by The Mostly Bad Virus (4 times)
4. The PD Happy Birthday Song by Iron Curtain (4 times)
5. Happy Birthday by Technetium (4 times)

FMA: What do you use to make the videos (software, equipment, etc)?

ABB: I use a pocket size spiral notebook that I take everywhere where; I jot down ideas whenever they come to mind. My computer, a Dell Pentium 4 running Windows XP. The software I use includes PowerPoint 2003 and Windows Movie Maker 5.1. I also use a FujiFilm FinePixL30 that I use for photography.

FMA: Do you post anywhere besides YouTube? Why or why not?

ABB: Youtube is the main place that I post videos.  I log into youtube everyday to upload a video and respond to any comments. At the end of September, I posted some videos on Dailymotion.  I haven’t decided if I will keep posting videos on Dailymotion and have honestly only logged in a few times since initially posting some videos.I also started a new facebook page at the end of September and directly share my birthday videos from youtube to facebook. I have only posted 6 videos directly onto Facebook.  After seeing the Danish documentary, Facebookistan, I purposely spend as little time on Facebook as possible. I was never really a major facebook fan anyway but seeing that documentary solidified my reasons for using it as little as possible.

Lots more after the jump!

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katya-oddio on 10/18/2016 at 04:00AM

Caligari: An Exquisite Corpse

The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari (Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari) is a 1920 silent horror film considered the quintessential work of German Expressionist cinema. It tells the story of an insane hypnotist who uses a somnambulist to commit murders. The film style is creepy and features bizarre leaning, twisted, angular landscapes and sets.

To accompany the classic film, eleven composers from the Chain Tape Collective collaborated via exquisite corpse method to produce two entirely new soundtracks.

Those soundtracks are now housed at the Free Music Archive in time for Halloween. Artwork, liner notes, and more information are available from the Chain Tape Collective. The complete film with the new soundtracks is available for free download from the Internet Achive under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike license.

Some of these Creative Commons licensed tracks may sync beautifully with the soundtrack for your Halloween festivities. Just try not to get creeped out of your skin.

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netwaves on 10/17/2016 at 02:01PM

10 years netwaves!

Hello, on oct. 2nd 2006 netwaves did its first broadcast on Belgium's longest existing free independent Radio Scorpio. After ten years we're still skimming the internet for the most enthralling netlabel releases.

This resulted in following list:

We do celebrate our tenth anniversary with this compilation of oldies from about ten years ago: episode 376 Relisten to our first episode, a special about legendary 8bit netlabel Monotonik:

And now, up to the next ten years!

greetings netwaves team: Michel, Jan, Erwin, Jasper, Yannick

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cheyenne_h on 10/13/2016 at 02:40PM


THIS IS IT!! Your final chance to show your love & support for FMA during our fundraiser!

Until 11:59 pm TONIGHT (Eastern U.S. Time Zone), you can contribute to our fundraiser! Help us push towards our goal and keep the FMA free and accessible. There's only one website that contains curated, Creative Commons licensed music for free download, streaming, and in some cases, remixing and reuse. If you haven't seized the opportunity to show us some love, there's no time like the present!

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cheyenne_h on 10/13/2016 at 12:54PM


Our fundraiser ends tomorrow at 11:59 PM! By supporting FMA, you support things like: FREE APPS! We offer free FMA apps for iOS and Android platforms which allow users to browse and listen to our entire collection of music - which is, at the time of this blog entry, almost 103,000 songs deep!

1. Our iOS App! Get it here, for free!

2. Our Android App! Get it here, for free!

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cheyenne_h on 10/13/2016 at 12:29PM


The sands in our hourglass are running thin... time to show your support for FMA!

Here are three things you can get* for supporting us:

1. A kick-ass t-shirt. With a donation of $50 or more, you can get a limited-edition FMA T-shirt! Only available through October 15th, so make sure you get one now if you want it! They will not be available again.

2. A fabulous sticker. With a donation of $20 or more, we'll send you a sticker with a cassette tape designed by our artist-friend Greg Harrison.

3. A one-of-a-kind audio creation: the Inverse Stress Toy. A friend of the FMA created this unique instrument that drones, squeals, and buzzes - and was described as "like playing audio Jenga" by FMA developer Erik Schoster. Here it is in action! There's only one of these, so you have to check the box to enter the drawing. We'll be drawing for it the same day the fundraiser ends - Oct 15th!


*If you donate at the appropriate levels, you are guaranteed the shirt and/or sticker. The Inverse Stress Toy will be awarded to whomever is drawn as the winner on October 15th.

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cheyenne_h on 10/12/2016 at 01:15PM


Here are four FMA success stories! Show your support so we can keep doing things like:

1. The Freeharmonic Orchestra. This group of musicians wouldn't exist without the FMA, plain and simple. They came to know about one another through each other's artist profiles on FMA. It's not a coincidence that you don't see this sort of collaboration happening on sites like Soundcloud or Bandcamp. The FMA fosters communities of collaboration, and this is a great example. Oh, also, they're asking for remixes of their album! How many other Supergroups can you name that do THAT?


2. The Daily Dose. A South African filmmaker and a rockabilly band from California found each other through the FMA and ended up collaborating on a film. When someone finds the right song for a film, it's evident to the filmmaker. With some dedication from both parties, and the connectivity provided by modern technology, this little song found its way all the way across the globe!


3. 100,000 songs and counting. On July 19th, 2016 we hit a major milestone! Our collection surpassed the 100,000 song mark. We knew it was coming, and have seen steady growth since (wowzers - ), so maybe 150,000 isn't so far away!


4. Happy Birthday To Everyone. That time we put hundreds of alternative birthday songs into the Public Domain. Some of them have been included in children's magazines, YouTube birthday song repositories, and more. Now that the actual song "Happy Birthday To You" is considered to be in the Public Domain, these songs are ahead of their time!

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cheyenne_h on 10/11/2016 at 12:54PM


If you've been waiting to donate to the FMA, the moment has come! We are about $5,000 from our goal - we're trying to raise $20,000 before October 15. Can you help us reach the finish line by Saturday? We want to keep going, and we know you love us, but we need one final push!

Our fundraising goal is just a portion of what we need to operate; the high traffic and streaming/download rates from our site result in sky-high bandwidth costs, and we're asking for you to help offset those costs. If you've given already, ask a friend or two (seriously - direct asks from friends are super effective).

Last year we racked up $80,000 in data transfer costs alone. That doesn't include the costs of... literally everything else that goes into running this website. Until October 15th, you can get a totally killer FMA t-shirt that will NEVER BE AVAILABLE AGAIN! (Don't fret! We'll have a different design next year.) If you can help us, please do it today:


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cheyenne_h on 10/10/2016 at 01:42PM

INVERSE STRESS TOY -- Final Giveaway!!!

Instead of a traditional stress toy that you squish and squeeze, this audio-producing toy reacts to being held or moving one's hands across its surface. It was made by a friend of the FMA for this giveaway - a very unique final giveaway, handmade for one lucky winner! To enter the drawing, click the "Enter To Win" box when you donate to our cause! Be sure to enter before noon on Oct 15, or you won't qualify for the giveaway. We'll conduct a drawing and announce our winner on Saturday, Oct 15th, the final day of the fundraiser.


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