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thewomb on 12/14/2016 at 04:30PM

The Womb - Where The Lemon Meets The Teign - the video album.

 The Womb's 23rd studio album and first ever video album 'Where The Lemon Meets The Teign' is out now. You can download it right here from the Free Music Archive, and the video album is available to watch in full here. There is also a Youtube playlist of the individual videos here.

 If you've never heard The Womb before, this album is the perfect introduction to our diverse array of styles, ranging from dark and emotive trip-hop to catchy pop and Floydian ambience, always with a lyrical focus.

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the womb
kademlia on 12/14/2016 at 03:11PM

FrostClick's FrostWire Creative Commons Mixtape Vol. 5

Yes, it’s been a long, very long time since FrostClick released a mixtape with collaboration with FrostWire(the best downloader/music player out there to date). Actually it’s been nearly full 3 years. But we are back with some great selections.
The tracks on this year’s release cover the best of Creative Commons artists we featured here on the blog in the past year.

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cheyenne_h on 12/13/2016 at 06:46PM

2016 Year In Review, Part II: ccCommunity's Electronic Beats & Hip-Hop

ccCommunity playists will festoon the blog all week long! We're excited to bring lots of unique artists to the fore, from dusty corners of Soundcloud and homebrewed band pages, to your ears!

Electronic Beats & Hip-Hop is the second of our 2016 Year In Review series (which will be appearing on this blog all month long). There will be separate playlists for other genre groups, so stay tuned for the next installment! The ccCommunity is a vibrant & diverse group of artists who are not affiliated with other formal FMA curators, who ask the FMA directly to join the party. We are honored and privileged to have these artists in our ranks, and can't wait for you to get to know them. Crank the bass for this one!

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cheyenne_h on 12/12/2016 at 07:11PM

2016 Year In Review, Part I: ccCommunity's Ambient & Instrumental

Our Year-In-Review playlists are rolling in! Since 2016 was a banner year for the Free Music Archive in lots of ways, we decided to give some special attention to the artists who aren't represented by curators - our ccCommunity! Due to the great number of submissions we took in this year, it quickly became obvious that many of these artists deserved attention. The vibrant diversity of this year's ccCommunity lend themselves to multiple playlists, so that's what we're doing! 

Instrumental & Ambient music is the first of our Year In Review series (which will be appearing on this blog all month long). There will be separate playlists for other genre groups, so stay tuned for the next installment! Til then, here are some lovely instrumentals - we hope you like 'em. And please bear in mind: these are just from one curator page, our ccCommunity, and these songs are instrumental, but not everything by all of these artists is instrumental -- you may find a catchy pop tune with lyrics alongside some of these instrumentals, or they might be instrumental versions of other songs you'll find on FMA.


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2016 year in review
cheyenne_h on 12/08/2016 at 04:02PM

Dana Boulé: "We All Need To Calm Down"

Chilling for real: this photo of reindeer is from flickr/the Preus Museum

[Guest Post by Dana Boulé, edited & shared by cheyenne_h]

Part film score, part folk, and part spacious meditation, We All Need To Calm Down is Dana Boulé’s homage to the calm, the quiet and to solitude. Eight musicians from around the world collaborated to make this soundtrack for the mindful.

The album, which is almost exactly an hour long, is all the instrumental tracks from her last album for meditation. You can listen to a few of its tracks below, or visit the album page for the full release.

The album is CC BY-NC-ND, so any commercial or derivative uses should be cleared with Dana first, but feel free to use it to relax, reflect, and chill out.

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dana boule
cheyenne_h on 12/07/2016 at 02:09PM

FMA: A Resource for Video Producers

YouTuber and online video tutorial-producer PremiereGal gave FMA a shout-out on her latest video about places to find music for videos. She's also rockin' our 2016 fundraiser shirt!

She also mentions a blog entry that gives a quick run-down of the licenses and whether or not they're suitable for video, which you can find here. As always, we encourage everyone to read the licenses carefully and contact the artist if you're in doubt, but don't let that stop you from utilizing all that our archive has to offer!

OK, enough about us. Here's the video!


You can find more of PremiereGal's tutorials and updates at her website.

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music for video
murmurintemporel on 12/05/2016 at 02:36AM

New Release : Shadows On The Snow - The Changing Of The Seasons

Shadows On The Snow, ambient artists from New Zealand and USA, present a collaborative track The Changing Of The Seasons.

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Adrianna_Krikl on 12/01/2016 at 02:43PM

sharing my music for free...

My instrumental albums have been downloaded 26,600+ and streamed over 80,000 times by people from all over the globe. I love the internet for more than just cat videos!  :-)  It's been a great expirence to share my music with people from all over the world.  Thanks FMA! I'm hoping to release more new music soon. 


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pyrdiscos on 11/21/2016 at 03:13PM

netlabel interview / history project

Hello there. In addition to running the pan y rosas discos netlabel, I am also an archivist and community history nerd. For a while now I have been thinking about documenting and archiving netlabels, the culture of netlabels and the work that goes into them. After struggling to come up with a perfect solution I finally decided to abandon the perfect and just start with some questions. A text based interview is better than nothing and much more realistic in terms of what I have time and capacity to do. It is also the least difficult for participants! I hope. 

So, do you run a netlabel? Or did you run a netlabel? Or do you know someone who did, or does? What you do is important and I want to hear from you!

Although I run a netlabel, I am by no means an expert on netlabels and I want to make sure I cover as many scenes, regions, voices and perspectives as possible. I would like to know if there are any topics or questions you think should be included in this project going forward. And if you have any leads on other people working to document the history and culture of netlabels, I would be grateful to learn about them. 

I envision the end result of this project to be an online archive - website or blog - containing all the interviews. Possibly also a printed zine or something. But, the most important thing right now is to capture the information.

What follows is an overview and the questions. Please feel free to share this wherever you feel is applicable! Thank you netlabelers!

Netlabel Survey / Interview / Archive Project
November 2016.

Please return answers to Keith Helt at [email protected]

The purpose of this interview is to document the history and culture of netlabels. The responses will serve as a resource for researchers and anyone interested in the topic. As such, the responses will be made public in some way - as a website, a zine or something else. By answering the questions and sending them back you are consenting to your responses being made public, please keep that in mind.

For the purpose of this project I am defining a netlabel as a label that distributes music without a physical version and for free. I am aware that some labels do both, or began as a netlabel and transformed into a paid label or vice versa. If you run a label that began as a netlabel but isn’t one anymore or if you run a hybrid label, I’d still like to hear about your experiences running the netlabel portion of your label.

I know there are a lot of questions, but there is no deadline to this project. So take as long as you need to answer them.

I also want to say, please feel free to write your answers in the language you are most comfortable with. I do not want to privilege english responses just because that is my first language.

If you feel uncomfortable with any question, you are not obligated to answer it.

Thank you in advance for your time.

Questions after the jump:


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vialka on 11/14/2016 at 05:05AM

Having Nothing Then Giving It Away

Posset is the anti-hero, a lone gun-slinger of the North armed with nothing more than Dictaphones and an armload of cassettes. Manufracture is proud to present “Having Nothing Then Giving It Away”, an aptly-titled collection of recordings spanning the years of 2008-2013, unearthed from the artist's personal archives. Posset's re-examination and disintegration of the magnetic audio format is above all physical, real-world, and in real-time. Various field recordings are broken and melded as the listener is taken on a visceral journey though the junk shops and underground music haunts of Tyne and Wear county and beyond. Temporality is lost, there is only “here” and “now”. This is the blues, summoned forth by a modern-day bard, the drunken zen-master – indeed, giving it all away.

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posset, manufracture
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