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nokomisite on 09/11/2018 at 05:00AM

Boot Magna by Lazy Salon

Boot Magna by Lazy Salon

Now available on FMA, the 2018 'Boot Magna' releases by New Jersey's Lazy Salon (aka Sean Byrne).  Boot Magna is a compilation of new works in progress, remixes of existing Lazy Salon tracks, and unreleased elements from the archives.  All instrumental, all psychedelic and all created through a process of merging recent & older elements to create new music.

The 'Sets' version of Boot Magna presents the music as two seamless 20 minute mix sets, while the 'Tracks' version breaks out each of the 10 pieces for ala carte digestion.

Set 1 (or Tracks 1-5) is a dancefloor-friendly sequence of 120bpm songs and remixes.  

Set 2 (or Tracks 6-10) represent the more ambient and spaced-out aspects of the project.


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dhf510 on 09/10/2018 at 04:21PM

Just Released: "Cedar St // Acacia Ave" by Sams n

Macaque Records is proud to announce the release of the third album in its discography, the experimental Cedar St // Acacia Ave by Sams n. Choppy beats, sparse vocals, looming atmosphere and odd tangents augment this unique collection of music. Get lost in the curves and pulses of the record tonight!

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TangWeiMusiio on 09/07/2018 at 03:53AM

Musiio Playlist 10 #FunnyWind


Here at Musiio we’re constantly testing and fine-tuning our A.I. to make sure that it is functioning at optimal capacity. In one of our usual testing sessions I noticed that it can pick out certain instruments and styles of playing really well.

In these tracks picked out by our A.I. we have bands inspired by Balkan brass orchestras and swinging early 20th century jazz. Disparate scenes far apart but all featuring the same fun and joyous sound of wind instruments!

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eg0cide on 08/30/2018 at 03:13PM

Introducing Eg0cide Productions (netlabel for experimental music) and the live recordings serie Solo Duo Trio co-organized with Apocope

Artwork of SDT2, created by Xavier Muissat (Apocope label)

Eg0cide Productions is a french netlabel specialized in experimental music founded in 2007 by Kecap Tuyul (aka The Ghost Between The Strings aka Failure Circle). Most of our releases are available for free downloads and published under Creative Commons LicensesWe have released more than 180 albums in various styles of music, including ambient, drone, experimental rock, free improvisation, noise, soundscapes and sound collages. Our full back catalog is available from For the past few years, the focus has naturally shifted towards free improvisation, noise and more conceptual works, considered not so much as well defined styles but rather as ways to generate idiosyncratic sounds and forms. Above all, we like to be surprised by inspired and unorthodox creations.

 This evolution is also related to the organisation of live events in Paris and around (since 2015 & the creation of the XtetX collective with a few other experimental musicians), and by the wish to publish live recordings. Since february 2018, eg0cide has partnered with another French label, Apocope, for a special serie of live events called Solo Duo Trio. All these concerts are recorded and later co-published as free download releases. The objective of this project is to give an insight into the deep, vivid and diverse French experimental music scene.

Since the second edition, the two labels cooperate with Les Instants Chavirés (Montreuil), one of the most durable and notable venues dedicated to experimental and improvised music around Paris. Two volumes have been published so far and can be found here or on eg0cide's site for more formats (flac and wav are available).

The third event of this serie will take place again atLes Instants Chavirés, on 5 october 2018. It will be centered about guitar players and feature Farida Amadou (from Liège, Belgium), Olivier Benoît & Julien Desprez (trio) ; Simon Henocq & Jean-Sébastien Mariage (duo) ; Clara De Asis (solo). We plan to publish the recordings around the end of 2018. With this kind of project we'd like to share recordings of french experimental musicians to a broader audience.

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dhf510 on 08/28/2018 at 05:44PM

Experience more than the music with the Revisionist History Memory Box

The newly released Revisionist History Memory Box enables you to experience Gilman Mom's third album in a whole new way. The box includes a CD, three polaroids, a silk sunflower, and a sachet of lavendar. Revisionist History can now be felt, smelled, heard and tasted. Kick back, relax, and immerse yourself in the relaxed, fluttery world of this album. You can purchase the box set at The Revisionist History Memory Box is a limited edition of 25.

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cheyenne_h on 08/28/2018 at 04:56PM

5 Tips For Artists Who Want to Join FMA

You may have looked through the FMA's catalogue and thought, "I'd love to be a part of this!" 

If you make music, you can apply to have your music added to our growing collection! We're curated, which means that music must be reviewed before it's included. Here are a few tips that will help you get approved: 

1. If you make electronic music or you're a solo artist, you'll be facing the most competition for inclusion in our archive. We have a LOT of electronic music and solo artists on our site already. Recordings of actual instruments, sampled or played live, are more likely to be included in the archive, and so are musical groups with multiple members. Electronic musicians and solo artists are regularly welcomed into the archive, so don't let that stop you from applying, but if you don't make the cut, it's not personal. 

2. Read up on Creative Commons licenses. Our site is predicated on sharing audio, utilizing the amazing toolset that Creative Commons built. They offer an array of licenses, so do a little research before you apply so you know what we're talking about when we ask you which license you want to use. We ask for a CC license with your submission, so take a moment and look at the license page. 

3. Send audio we can stream for review. We don't accept random file attachments, sorry! Please have your audio somewhere we can stream it - YouTube,, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, your own personal website, etc. If we can't listen to the audio... we can't approve it.  

4. Be original (it's a copyright thing). If you are remixing today's Top 40, that's cool. But we can't accept your remixes in our archive, because they contain samples of audio that are currently protected by copyright, and we're going to guess you didn't pay the artist to make your remix. Original work stands a better chance of getting into the collection. If you must use audio samples, make your own or find other CC-licensed works to draw from, such as huge collection at

5. Be patient. We have a tiny staff and a small pool of reviewers. So if you don't hear from us within seconds of submitting your music, it's because we're busy! We typically take two weeks to get back to artists with a message of approval or rejection.

Ready to send us a submission? Great! Go fill out our form. You'll hear from us within two weeks. 

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JJMusiio on 08/23/2018 at 09:35PM

Musiio Playlist 9 #ElectronicPop

Whether or not you’re looking for a good pop anthem or have a penchant for the pristine sounds of well-produced beats, we’ve got you covered! 

Here's an interesting fact - Pop is not actually short form for “popular music”. Rather, it is a genre under “popular music”, defined by its highly manufactured production qualities and singable melodies. 

Of course, Pop music sticks by the trends of the times, appealing to masses of audiences with its memorability. With the advent of electronic music in this age of millennialism, we naturally welcome #ElectronicPop! 

With our AI, we have curated this pop playlist to light up your mornings and provide a good confidence boost. I don't know about you, but I personally enjoy a good song to strut to when I leave my house every morning! 

My ultimate fave of the set? David Amber’s Set Me On Fire, featuring Ashley Jana. Strongly recommend to spruce up your day! Have a good slay, have a good day. 


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musiio playlist, musiio
tmray on 08/21/2018 at 04:01PM

New Mixtape by Lorenzo's Music Created With Only Open Source Software

Rom-Comm Mixtape is a new experimental artistic venture by Lorenzo's Music. A collection of songs and sounds that in the past year have been a personal expression of life and tribulation.

The project was created using nothing but open source software and tools, right down to the operating system on my laptop, Ubuntu Studio. It's also released under a creative commons license, which means it is free to use for your own projects.

These songs are more of a feeling that takes me back to the origins of creating music I remember. When you come up with an idea and build on it to capture a feeling as you go.

It's also the first release on my new netlabel I've started called American Bandito Records. If you have music you would like me to check out let me know!


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cheyenne_h on 08/20/2018 at 12:39PM

August Newsletter - did you miss it?

The best part of our newsletter - monthly top 8!

Are you on our mailing list? If not, you're missing out on top news AND monthly faves from our archive! If you don't have time to listen to all the new uploads on FMA, it's ok - we do it for you! Each month's newsletter will have 8 staff picks, with something for just about everyone. You can read our August newsletter to get a taste of what you're missing.

Wanna subscribe? Sign up here.

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cheyenne_h on 08/14/2018 at 05:44PM

REAK △ Sanca Birawa △ Transe in Indonesia by Les Cartes Postales Sonores

Here's something you don't hear everyday! A field recording from the outskirts of Bandung in West Java in Indonesia. "REAK, a ritual from an animistic past clinging to an urban present," according to the liner notes. Music propels the participants into a deep trance, exchanging consciousness for an invisible, wild spirit, a transition from human to animal consciousness. This hour-long sonic journey was captured by Les Cartes Postales Sonores, and this bit of audio ephemera from the other side of the globe is shared below, on its own album page, and on Bandcamp. You can listen to the tracks below, or watch this short documentary about it: 

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