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JoeMc on 09/24/2009 at 03:00PM

Kickin' the Bucket (Collins-Style)

Photo courtesy the Library of Congress and National Emergency Medical Services Museum Foundation (source)

I don't know about you, but I've often thought about what might happen if I went to the doctor one day and found out that I only had a short time left to live. The question is always the same: Would I do anything different? Would I just do what I usually do, or would I try to do all of the things I never did that I always wanted to do? Maybe I would try to do one good thing for the world, like the fellow in the wonderful Japanese film Ikiru; or, maybe I would just indulge myself in hedonistic pleasure, like some refugee from a Ken Russell film, until I went belly-up out of sheer exhaustion. 

I guess the answer to this question would be different for everybody, and I hope I never find out what my answer would be. I hope I'd have at least some of the lust for life that the character in this great song by Arthur Collins does when he finds out the news. Have a listen, and I'll tell you some stuff about Arthur Collins after the jump.

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lizb on 09/24/2009 at 10:20AM

Drop the needle on Chandeliers

Image via Chandeliers

Complex, blown-out beats, clanking underwater pop melodies, synthesized echoes, and glitched samples combine to render Chandeliers' latest album, "Dirty Moves" (HBSP-2X) a great listen through and through. It's experimental dance music for fans of no wave, 8-bit video game soundtracks, Konono, and DJ/Rupture's radio show on WFMU.

Not often does a purely instrumental record grab me, but each time I dropped the needle in a different spot, "Dirty Moves" brought the noize. Chandeliers are from Chicago, and played a great set on Jason Sigal's show on WFMU last year (check it out here).

Recommended tracks for your next alien dance party in the 5th dimension include "Analog Cabin" (below), "Third World," "Body Double," and "Big League."

I dropped "Third World" into a mix I just made (after the jump):

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Scott_Williams on 09/23/2009 at 12:00PM

Mink Lungs: Ritalin Feast 2000

Betcha didn't know there was a full Mink Lungs artist page, right here on the Free Music Archive!  (Betcha didn't know you should be looking for one.)  Herewith, an introduction: Mink Lungs were likely my favorite pop band of the early aughts.  Formed at a diner in the Hamptons in 1998, they evolved in the same super-fertile late-90s NYC gunk that nurtured Oneida, Liars, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Interpol, Strokes and so many more (is Cokey's still around?).  Thankfully, no one ever prescribed anything for their hyperactivity and total ADD, otherwise there may not have been a Mink Lungs for you and I to talk about today.

First time I heard these Brooklyn ragamuffins, my take was "Bob Pollard with a Nashville heart".  9 years down the road, I'll stand by that estimate.  A family affair, Mink Lungs are the brothers Tim (the laid-back one) and Gian Carlo (the hyper one) Feleppa; Gian's gal-pal Jen Hoopes ("Miss Frosty"). plus drummer Tom Galbraith.  Last time I saw them was probably at the Mercury Lounge way back in 2001, when they shared a bill with the embryonic Animal Collective and my own long-gone band.  Let's check in with Miss Frosty to see what's going on these days...

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mpvernon on 09/23/2009 at 11:11AM

In Her Dreams: Bob Wiseman Sings Wrench Tuttle

It should be said at the beginning that there is no Wrench Tuttle. Former Blue Rodeo band member  Bob Wiseman used the pseudonym and, from what I've read, went to great length to present him as a real person to the Canadian media. In Her Dream: Bob Wiseman Sings Wrench Tuttle was the Canadian musicians' first solo album and was released in 1989. CHART magazine named it as one of the top 100 Canadian albums. Blocks Recording Club out of Toronto will be re-issuing a limited edition vinyl but the free and legal digital version is now available through WFMU's Free Music Archive.

This album may best be described as a casual mixture of country and punk.  Bob Wiseman feels at ease in both genres. His somewhat raspy and out-of-control voice makes the perfect edge to this rough and ready album. The opening "Older Brother" is a good example of his somewhat outrageous folk-rock blend and is what Hank Williams might sound like if he was a punk rocker. Other tracks like "Bhopal" are pure and surreal alternative while "Dog on a Leash" is blues-rockabilly. Whatever genre Wiseman leans into has his unique touch which I am tempted to call a Canadian version of Tom Waits' equally rough and mystic styling. This excellent album will grow on you.

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doncbruital on 09/22/2009 at 04:00PM

Fall Gnarliness, Beneath the Harvest Moon

Though yeah, I may've previously trod this conceptual ground, permit me the indulgence of re-exclaiming my pleasure on this, the first official day of autumn. Here's the season which, to prep us for winter's Lent, allows us to indulge in all manner of carnivalesque jollity, the season in which we maybe get a little bummed when the sun starts setting at 4:30 but are still enthused over the bountiful yield of partying in which we get to indulge until then. Obviously I'm talking about two things here: the harvest, and the WFMU Fest.

Unless you maintain a standing injunction on Fun, you are surely already planning to attend this righteous concert saga, unfolding, at just under Ring Cycle length, across three nights, October 1-3, at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. And lo, but the intensity'll continue--in the madness' wake, on October 4, you can really nail home the cosmic significance of the prior three nights by gorging yourself on the Harvest Moon, which, according to a source no less authoritative and badassedly-named than, is to unveil itself that evening, for the benefit of farmers, stargazers, and, this year, we of pummeled eardrum.

Cold Cave - "Sex Ads" (03:19)
Cold Cave - "Sex Ads" (03:19)
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herr_professor on 09/22/2009 at 10:05AM

Spectator Science

The Loud Objects Noise Toy Kit

 Thanks for the lead-in Lou! Continuing our theme of performance based chip music from last week, this week we move onto NYC's Loud Objects. They take an unusual approach to their live shows, starting only in silence and slowly creating their chipnoise live by soldering together various sound chips. Hunched over an overhead projector, the audience members sees the work as it happens projected behind the Objects, shadow puppet-like. This open ended approach to live performance shatters the idea that both chip music cannot be improvisational and that circuit bent methods have to be arcane. Loud Objects even sell kits on their website so you can make the noise yourself at home . The audience becomes very involved in the process during their live sets, hanging on each new solder connection, groaning when the circuit dies, and loving it when the circuit enters a state of weirdness.

 When I approached Loud Objects earlier this summer about releasing some tracks for the FMA, little did I know that they would improvise an entire EP just for the archive. Cory Arcangels, is noisy, chaotic and fun, and not constrained by the stuffy air of academic research that most "experimental" music can be burdened with. Try a taste of The Loud Objects, and we'll see you again next week.

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pushbinlou on 09/22/2009 at 08:17AM

Chip Tune Ahoy Tuesday: minusbaby

minusbaby - picture by openback

Well the 8-bit music just keeps pouring in here at FMA and it keeps getting better and better.  I guess if you wanted to find a chip music artist that has been around for quite a while and has been growing right along with the scene then minusbaby (Richard Caraballo) would be a good pick.  With countless releases going back to 1999 minusbaby as a solo artist and as a member of 8bitpeoples has been pushing the genre hard.

Left Remixes, Pt. 1 is a handpicked collection of artists all taking stabs at remixing A Large Part of Your Mind Sliced from minusbaby's most recent release Left.  Below is an edit which was done by the man himself.  Enjoy!

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jw on 09/21/2009 at 12:44PM

Miss Inah & The Sweet Malay Entertainers

Allow me to present to you to a type of music that has a special place in my heart: the Nasib, or “Song of Fate” from Indonesia and Malaysia…part of what once was the Dutch East Indies.

‘Nasib’ in Malay means ‘fate.’ The Nasib song is an aching, slow lament; a deeply melancholic popular song type which is built around the singer’s misfortune in life. On the surface, this description would make the Nasib similar to the fado, rebetika, or blues, but that would be a mischaraterization. The origins of the Nasib derive, in fact, from Indonesian/Malaysian stambul theater music. Stambul theater (also referred to as bangsawan) developed in the late 19th century and was an urban affair, where theatrical groups would perform musical dramas, many with stories which had origins in India or the Middle East. Stambul songs were most popular from 1920-1935.

The Nasib is sung by a singer who is in fact playing – or at the very least channeling – a character or situation from these classical stories, rather than singing her own blues. Interestingly, much of the stambul music that I’ve heard from that era is quite cultured – operatic, even. However, the Nasibs, although derived from stambul, are a different thing altogether. The operatic aspect has gone out the window, and what we have here is swooning sadness – the Nasib adopted to a bar band setting!

Today’s Nasib features Miss Inah singing “Sesalken Oentoeng” (a Dutch transliteration of the Malay “Sesalkan Untung”), which more or less means “I Regret My Luck.” She is accompanied by her smooth yet lurching Malay Entertainers on harmonium (another Indian connection), saxophone, bass, and percussion.

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WM_Recordings on 09/21/2009 at 07:48AM

Call for submissions for 100th WM Recordings release

The release of the 100th free album download on WM Recordings ( is rapidly approaching. We have lots of activities coming up to celebrate this milestone. One of the projects surrounding our 100th free album will be a specially themed compilation:

We have already invited you to submit a cover version of your favorite WM Recordings tracks, but since so many people asked about it we will expand the theme of our compilation.

So, for our 100th free release please sumbit one of the following:
- a cover version of your favorite WM Recordings tune
- OR an original track based around the theme of free music downloads, netlabels, Creative Commons releases, file sharing, bittorrent sites, copyright, etc. So, wanna write a blues about the joy you get from new WM Recordings releases? Or do you have a protest song about all those evil file sharers? Please submit it for our 100th free release!

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wmmberger on 09/18/2009 at 05:14PM


Jabladav2-2 The music of Jabladav (aka one-man, metal virtuoso James H. from NC, USA) takes me almost as often to The Court of the Crimson King as it does to screaming out my soul's anguish in a bone yard. Jabladav donated this monster exclusive track to our blog and Free Music Archive, available below.

Jabladav You can hear my (somewhat technically blunderous) interview with James, as part of the full My Castle of Quiet program archive from 9/16, by clicking here, and selecting your poison playback of choice.

The new Jabladav full-length, Atta Vinter, is perhaps James' finest work yet—a cohesive, album-style vision, that's very much a black metal record, as much as it's all over the map with surprising elements and influences. This is clearly a guy with tastes and a record collection to rival most WFMU DJs. Enjoy.

"Loss" is shared by Jabladav through a creative commons attribution-non commercial-no derivatives license.

Jabladav - "Loss" (03:59)
Jabladav - "Loss" (03:59)
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