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ckutmusic on 08/02/2013 at 09:00AM

Babysitter Live on CKUT

This past Monday, July 29th, Victoria, BC'ers (turned Montreal short-term residency'ers) Babysitter came in to the CKUT Music Dept's new release program New Shit for a live performance. Rare garage soul sighting.

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whitenoise on 08/01/2013 at 09:00AM

Gnaw, Prana Bindu, Sonic Suicide Squad, Capacities, Ubasute at the Stanhope House

The Stanhope House and MuteAnt Sounds Netlabel are planning an uncompromising night of experimental music, hardcore, and grind for the underground connoisseur. Here are a few artists from here on the Free Music Archive who will be performing at the event.

Gnaw (facebook) is a genre destroying journey, utilizing pounding percussion, factory noise, chordal slabs of guitar and bass, homemade electro-acoustic instruments and Dubin’s unique and legendary vocalizations. They're the brainchild of Alan Dubin (Old Lady Driver/Khanate), with members of Enos Slaughter and Ike Yard. The five-piece have been assaulting audiences in the US as well as Europe with live shows since 2009 and have just completed their second album, "Horrible Chamber" to be released on Seventh Rule Records in October, 2013.

Prana-Bindu (facebookwebsite) features members of The Hat City Intuitive, Mittimus & 76% Uncertain that freely improvise through space and time. Matt SekelTodd KnappGene Moore, Gene Janas, and John Howard (Hat City Intuitive/DC noise-rockers The Plums) are slated for performance. 

Sonic Suicide Squad (bandcamp) were highly active from 2008-2010 releasing a slew of CDR's on such infamous labels as DC's Panic Research and Halifax's Snapped in Half; as well as a self released 7". The band brought their free jazz noise terror style on tour as the opening act for Acid Mothers Temple's 2009 US and Canada tour routing them 15,000 miles in 6 weeks. This is the first emergence of the Squad since the hiatus of 2010. Core members Sam Lohman (drums; Sheer Terror/Nimrod) and Vinnie Paternostro (tenor sax, tronics) will collab with Mike Graziano (bass; Earthly One).

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wmmberger on 07/29/2013 at 11:45AM

Denton Blues; Bludded Head on My Castle of Quiet, 5.10.2013

Wm. Berger / Tracy Widdess

As I said to the members of Bludded Head, for a good, long while, I'd been subsisting on the two, outstanding tracks from their debut 12"—and with great enthusiasm, am now proud to bring you live versions of these four, new compositions from this unique Texan doom outfit. Studio versions of the songs are also available from the band on limited CDr. 

With two new members added to the lineup (and the original, intact core of Nevada Hill and Darcy Neal), these songs find BH in the realm of even greater dynamics and subtlety when compared to the tracks on their debut; the addition of double bass and an accomplished new drummer having opened up the compositional palate of the band considerably. None of the crunch has been sacrificed though, and Nevada's outrageous screams still ride atop the steamrolling melee of Bludded Head's mighty downbeats.

Doom bands come and go, many sounding similar to one another, with the greatest emphasis being placed on how far apart those gut-punch downbeats can be spaced; not so for Bludded Head, who seem in it to write, arrange and execute great songs, several worlds apart from the sameyness that characterizes many of their peers in the genre. My Castle of Quiet and WFMU caught up with the band mid-tour, and it shows, such that the freshness and intensity of these selections are at a dazzling peak.

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AS220 on 07/26/2013 at 04:13AM

Feels: Forget It

FEELS hails from capital weird (aka Providence, Rhode Island, home of AS220) and is comprised of Anthony Ferreira and Ted James (Paper Eagles). Ted was also recently remixed Daddy's "Love In The Old Days" which was subsequently used for a video directed by James Franco and featured experimental film icon Kenneth Anger. Anthony has been involved in AS220 since 2008, and is also associated with A Trillion Barnacle Lapse, Honeyhander, and Spanish Dancer. 
Their track "Forget It" was recorded in an old bank vault on the ocean. Musically residing somewhere in the world of a dense, slowed down dark wash of dream pop and an avant R&B shuffle FEELS cites influences from Shai to Peter Gabriel and beyond.
Summer '13 finds the FEELS duo relocating to LA. Heading out west – chasing the American dream, panning for gold – all while representing Providence.
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bronwynbishop on 07/22/2013 at 10:45AM

The Wonderful and the Obscure Volume 1: Rodd Keith

Rodd Keith, the most infamous of all song-poem composers

"Poems urgently needed to set to music! Write clever poems, catchy rhymes. Achieve fame, money in popular music field!" screamed the advertisement in the March 1955 issue of Popular Mechanics. Aspiring songwriters all over the country sent their lyrics and varying sums of money to the New York address at the end of the ad, lured in by the promise that their words would be turned into stellar songs which would be sent to radio stations and record executives- but as it turned out, the music was thrown together in minutes by bored studio musicians, and the songs would be left to languish in obscurity. This was the modus operandi of the song poem industry, a scam which started at the turn of the 20th century and has lurked at the fringes of the music world ever since. 

Many song poems have become cult classics, including "Virgin Child of the Universe", "Jimmy Carter Says Yes" and "Green Fingernails". The singers and songwriters who recorded them have gained infamy as well, such as Ramsey Kearney, singer and composer of the infamous "Blind Man's Penis (Peace and Love)". But one man is revered over all others by song poem aficionados. Troubled genius, acid casualty, known as "the Mozart of Song Poems"- Rodd Keith. His weird and wonderful recordings have been compiled in the releases I Died TodayEcstasy to Frenzy, and Saucers in the Sky. Now Happy Puppy Records has put together a new collection of Rodd's best, from the private archives of collector Bob Purse. This collection includes such gems as "Country Boy," which showcases Rodd's attempt at a Southern twang, the Muzak-esque "Before I Go Out," and the syrupy "If I Had A Million Dollars" (not to be confused with the Barenaked Ladies song, or the Eminem song).

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CJSW_Music on 07/19/2013 at 06:00AM

Chris Gheran's Hard Folk Stylings Live On CJSW's Mind Grapes & House Blend

Chris Gheran live on CJSW's The House Blend, March 25th, 2011

Chris Gheran is a name you’ll hear often as you begin to plunder the depths of Calgary’s folk music scene. He’s a child of two worlds who brings a fresh take on old-timey folk sensibilities. He manages to bridge the gap between popular culture and music from the days of yore, and it’s a beautiful synthesis. He’s written tracks about our fair city of Calgary, encapsulating the culture beyond the logo-adorned skyscrapers of downtown. As part of the Calgary Folk Music Festival’s Musicians in Motion, he collaborated with Ian Tyson while performing live on the Calgary public transit. There’s really no telling what he’s got up his sleeve for us next, and that’s just the way he likes it.

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live, country, canada, hard folk, folk
BTurner on 07/16/2013 at 02:30PM

Mudhoney: Celebrating 25 Years Live on WFMU

Mudhoney in the WFMU parking lot

When WFMU broadcast Mudhoney live from ATP a few years ago, it was fully obvious that their instrumental power and Mark Arm's inimitable yowl were still very much in full force. Even more so at last year's Primavera broadcast (where they followed up after their set by bumrushing and taking over the WFMU fairway tent!). Twenty-five years down the line Mudhoney still have the bottles and bodies flying, soaking up a past and continuing to deliver the one-two riffage even as bands they influenced have vanished and reunited at half mast.

In celebration of both Sub Pop and Mudhoney's respective 25th anniversaries, they stop by WFMU's Brian Turner's show to rock faces off with a few live songs from their brand new full-length (their ninth!) "Vanishing Point."

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bronwynbishop on 07/12/2013 at 08:30PM

Eclectic Composer Monk Turner's New Album of Instrumental Songs Inspired by His Friends

Demented Dustin and Monk Turner

Monk Turner is a Los Angeles-based composer and musician best known for the concept albums he’s been putting out for over ten years. These include Kaleidoscope (2012), an album about color that Monk produced in collaboration with over 40 artists from all over the world, and Calendar (2007), which features a song for every month of the year. He also won a little contest we held trying to overtrow the most popular song in the world.

For his latest release, Instrumental Friends Part 3 (2013), Monk wrote and performed twelve instrumental pieces about twelve of his friends. We caught up with Monk to chat about the album and his inspiration for the project. 

Fill in the blank: ____ Monk

Musical Monk

Are the people in the track titles (eg. Demented Dustin and Kind Katie) inspired by real friends of yours? 

They are friends of mine who took the time to fill out a questionnaire about themselves. They were asked to choose their adjective and musical selections. Other information biographical obtained from the questionnaires has been listed on my blog. On every post is a YouTube playlist for each Instrumental Friend that includes the tunes that their song is based on.

How does being a musician affect the friends and relationships in your life?

I have a joke amongst my friends that if you know me long enough, you’ll end up on a concept album. Many of those close to me have ended up on my albums including my parents! Also, many of my friends are gifted musicians and I see this as a fun way to showcase their talents.

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ange on 07/10/2013 at 12:49PM

Music for Video: Welcome Wizard Featured in Vimeo Staff Pick

When filmmaker Jesse Brass first stumbled upon the Faux Fetus artist Welcome Wizard, he discovered three seperate tracks that helped him profile a painter and her work. The first song "MLU" had an energy, demonstrating how passion can spark interest. To show the seriousness of the artwork, he was drawn to a dark and contemplative track called "Sheep Asleep." For the closing track, "Twelve Diseases," he found the motion and movement, "helped emphasize that her career is ahead of her and helps inspire people in the closing of her story."

His profile of how painter Melanie Norris sees beauty was recently selected as a Vimeo Staff Pick, and his next project about Toronto artists is currently up on Kickstarter. To find more Creative Commons Attribution tracks from Welcome Wizard, you can find their artist page here.

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CJSW_Music on 07/08/2013 at 10:30PM

Bonjay's Best Blend Live on CJSW's Mind Grapes

Photo by May Truong

The voice of Alana Stuart glides around and through beats by Pho as Bonjay takes you on a ride through dancehall, R&B, and electronica. As you listen, you can hear influences from all over the globe, picking out rhythms from Africa and the Caribbean with the pop and rock influences of North America and Europe. They’re a high-octane experience, and they’re not quite like anything else. Other bands have tried to sound like what’s happening in New York, London or Los Angeles, but Bonjay’s put Ottawa on the map.

Download their live set from CJSW's Mind Grapes from April 20th, 2010 here.

Bonjay - "Stumble" (03:40)
Bonjay - "Stumble" (03:40)
Bonjay - "Creepin" (04:04)
Bonjay - "Creepin" (04:04)
Bonjay - "Jamelia" (03:47)
Bonjay - "Jamelia" (03:47)
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live, indie-rock, canada, rb, dancehall
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