Unreel Viewing Gallery

 Here are the entries in the Unreel Trailers Challenge



Obsessed III
Producer: croma
Footage: Popeye the Sailor Meets Sinbad the Sailor
Soundtrack: Kathleen Martin "Veni Emmanuel" | Kai Engel "Melted Wings" | Kai Engel "Paranoia" | Silence is Sexy "Sleep TV (instrumental)"


Seymour or Less CC BY SA
Producer: dabberwocky
Footage: Little Shop of Horrors
Soundtrack: Keshco "Wipe My Face Away"


Lady Frankenstein CC BY NC SA
Producer: luna_royale
Footage: Lady Frankenstein
Soundtrack: Mr. & Mrs. Smith "Painted Words" | Vitamin Pets "Ya-Ya-Ya"



Adrelene (Unreel Trailer) CC BY
Producer: Ayoze García-González 
Footage: Health: Your Posture  
Soundtrack: Black Juggernaut "Black Mirror" | The Deltorers "One Night Stand With A Ghost" | Keshco "Serpico Goes To Shanghai (1970s veteran tension)"




How To Train Your Mirror (Unreel Trailer) CC BY SA
Producer: Ayoze García-González
Footage: Health: Your Posture
Soundtrack: Apache Tomcat "Music To Trick and Treat By



Lunatics CC BY
Producer: Filipe Siqueira
Footage: Little Shop of Horrors
Soundtrack: Circus Marcus "Rue Laide Coupe" | The Spectacular Fantastic "In the mood" | Duo (Kirk Pearson and Julia Egan) "Laughter"


The Selected CC BY SA
Producer: AFinnerty
Footage: "Park Conscious" US Departments of Agriculture & Interiors
Soundtrack: Fioko "Baby Crying" | Luciernaga "Serpentine Pt. 2" |  Manbeard "02" | Joe DeShon "End of Film Static"



I was Satan's part time assistant manager (Unreel Trailer) CC BY
Producer: Ayoze García-González 
Footage: "The Girl Who Found Herself"
Soundtrack: The Waiters "13 O'Clock In The Morning"


Carnival of Souls
Producer: thedunkel
Footage: "Carnival of Souls
Soundtrack: Kevin Macleod - "Call To Adventure



The Only Way Of Being Dead (Unreel Trailer) CC BY 
Producer: Ayoze García-González
Footage: "Carnival of Souls
Soundtrack: Kosta T - "СЛЕДЫ РАСКАЯНИЯ"



Small Town CC BY NC SA
Producer: Gleason Jones
Footage: "Night of the Living Dead
Soundtrack: Kai Engel - "Moonlight Reprise"


The Overacting Man (Unreel Trailer)
Producer: Ayoze García-González 
Footage: "Reefer Madness
Soundtrack: ODOR BABY - "Aviation Crab Orchestra



They Saved Us From Rock (Unreel Trailer) CC BY SA
Producer: Ayoze García-González 
Footage: "Rock, Rock, Rock!"
Soundtrack: Chris Zabriskie - "God Be With You Till We Meet Again" | Juanitos - "Hey" | Ian Alex Mac - "The Haven," "Marhaba" | Steve Combs - "Orchestral #2 (Remix)"



Producer: amEdeo
Footage: "Rock, Rock, Rock!"
Soundtrack: Ian Alex Mac "Blood Loss" | Schemawound "A New Biosphere" | Basic Printer "Rosecroft Mews"

 "Zanzibar" was made for the FMA as an example of what one can do with some video editing software, a couple of FMA songs and a little free time.


 This challenge is supported by a generous grant from the National Endowment for the Arts