Danny_KitSplit on 07/12/2019 at 12:11PM

We Crushed Some Bugs!

Thank you all for your feedback and patience while we worked through some tricky bugs and server issues.

We’re happy to report that our team has crushed several bugs responsible for recent issues that have been plaguing FMA, including:

Problems streaming music
Problems downloading tracks and albums 
Issues logging into Free Music Archive
The track streaming counter not correctly updating
The ability to contact artists has been restored

As always, let us know if you see any of these issues pop back up. In the meantime, we’ll be busy working on more enhancements and bug fixes on FMA!

Thanks and best,


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Danny_KitSplit on 04/30/2019 at 09:42AM

Update on FMA Bugs

Thank you all for your continued patience while we work through some issues that have been found on FMA recently.

We’re aware of the bug users have ben having while attempting to stream or download music, contacting artists, uploading music and a few other site functions–we are working to fix those! We understand the frustration many of you have with these functions not working, and have appreciate your feedback. We will keep the FMA community updated as things change. 

For now, we have a few short-term solutions to the most common issues:


- Can not log in to FMA: Try logging in using your FMA username, instead of your email address–that usually fixes the problem. If logging in still does not work, try again in a few minutes.

- Approved artist that can not upload music: get in touch and we will help on a case by case basis contact@freemusicarchive.org (Please be aware that we’re answering help tickets as quickly as we can, and we will respond to your personal request in the order it was received)

- Contact artist not working: get in touch and we will try to help on a case by case basis— contact@freemusicarchive.org

- Downloads/steaming not functioning: On occasion downloads/streamings have stopped working. This is almost always temporary. Try again in a few minutes.


If there is another site issue we should be aware of, please let us know in the comments below!

Hope these tips are helpful and thanks for your patience (and keeping us apprised of any issues) as we work towards longer-term solutions.


Thanks and best,


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Danny_KitSplit on 04/15/2019 at 09:49AM



‘SONIC MMABOLELA’ is a workshop/residency for sound artists & composers

carried out once a year in the savannah environment of Mmabolela Reserve,

Limpopo, South Africa:






Conceived and directed by Francisco López (www.franciscolopez.net)


Project coordination: Barbara Ellison (www.barbaraellison.com)

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Danny_KitSplit on 02/08/2019 at 04:05PM

Uploads, bug fixes, and questions–oh my!

As promised, uploads have been re-enabled for artists and curators on Free Music Archive! Please let us know if you’re having trouble with uploading.

As we mentioned in our last update, we’ve been working on additional site improvements, including taking care of the “URI Invalid” bug that was plaguing search result pages—thanks to everyone who reported that!

In that vein we’ve put together a short survey to learn more about you, so we can make Free Music Archive even more useful. Anyone that completes our survey is eligible to win a $100 Amazon Gift Card. Click here to take the survey →

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Chill and ambiant songs from Monplaisir & cie's projects under Creative Commons 0 and Public Domain
Komiku - "Un désert" (04:05)
Komiku - "Un désert" (04:05)

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