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cheyenne_h on 08/24/2015 at 04:00PM

Live from WFMU! Sets organized by DJ/Show

One of our most prolific curators, WFMU, has more than 17,000 mp3s in their portal, and more than 80 DJs and radio programs represented as contributors to the FMA! As a way to help organize their collection, we organized every live WFMU set by DJ/program. You can now browse through live sets dating back more than 25 years, including sets from The Cherry Blossom Clinic with Terre T, Transpacific Sound Paradise with Rob Weisberg, The Antique Phonograph Program with MAC, Irwin Chusid's show, Brian Turner's show, and much much more! 

Dig in to the full list here

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cheyenne_h on 08/20/2015 at 09:00AM

Radio Free Culture #57: Do Not Track with Jason Staczek

image of music studio, courtesy of Jason Staczek. Used with permission.

WFMU and the Free Music Archive are proud to bring you a fresh episode of Radio Free Culture, a bi-weekly podcast exploring issues at the intersection of digital culture and the arts. 

In this episode, Cheyenne Hohman, RFC host and current Director of the FMA, spoke to Jason Staczek, a composer who scored the interactive documentary "Do Not Track," which highlights the connections between personal data and the web economy. Portions of the soundtrack are available on the FMA under a CC-BY license. 

Check out the podcast on WFMUPRX, or subscribe to the Radio Free Culture on iTunes... or listen below! 

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eoberman on 08/11/2015 at 10:00AM

FMA Animated Vimeo Highlights

Artists posting their music on the Free Music Archive often permit it to be used by filmmakers for their projects (there’s an entire Music for Video portal on the site), but that doesn’t mean they know where their songs might end up. Videos on Vimeo soundtracked by FMA music include a gazpacho making tutorial, several biking videos, and a nun discussing the synthesis of religious life and politics. As...unique as all of those projects are, many of the most creative videos on Vimeo that feature FMA artists also happen to be animated. Below are links to several animated clips.


“Until Next Summer”

"until next summer" process from asafhanuka on Vimeo.

 A surprisingly melancholy video showing the creation process behind an animation cell.


Bad Apples"

Bad Apples from Gary Bird on Vimeo.

 Apples falling onto a wet surface. There’s literally nothing else that can be said about this one.



TWIST from MiRon on Vimeo.

A colorful phantasmagoria skillfully set to Flying Lotus’s “Into Infinity ‘ear’ Loop”


"Pet Plant”

Pet Plant from Stormy Pyeatte on Vimeo.

 The tragic story of a monster and his plant. Everything you love and care for will one day eat you alive.

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cheyenne_h on 08/07/2015 at 10:30AM

Made with Creative Commons: A book on open business models

CC Summit 2011 Warsaw by Kristina Alexanderson, CC BY 2.0

Creative Commons is an organization that created licenses that we use widely at the Free Music Archive. They've just announced that they're writing a book about open business models, and they are asking for a little push during the final stretch of their campaign.

They're hard at work putting together an ebook about open business models. The book will spotlight businesses, creators, and organizations that use Creative Commons as part of their business model, and explaining how CC produces not just a media commons, but can also work to promote and produce economic and social value. In the end, there'll be not just an ebook, but also a wealth of articles outlining open business models and how they have been shown to work, and an online interactive tool that will help people design their own open business models.

Want to chip in? Head over to their Kickstarter for more info! 

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creative commons

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Live Picks from Liz Berg's Show on WFMU
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Noveller - "Ends" (05:52)
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Dan Friel - "Thumper" (03:05)
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So Cow - "Casablanca" (02:04)
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voyageurs - "UV Rays" (02:39)
Mi Ami - "New Guitar" (06:34)
Mi Ami - "New Guitar" (06:34)

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Hey mobile users! We know you're out there. If you've been waiting for a way to access FMA on your iThing or Android, now's your chance to download 'em! As always, they're free! 

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